SOLIDWORKS certifications can be used as a benchmark to measure your knowledge and competency with SOLIDWORKS software.

SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams focus on the fundamental skills necessary to ensure your company's overall success using SOLIDWORKS software.

All SOLIDWORKS certification tests are administered online and not through FISHER UNITECH.

Professional Exams:

The goal of the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Program is that it establishes an Industry standard by which SOLIDWORKS professionals are evaluated. This evaluation is completed using a fair, comprehensive test of your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS both in the areas of Mechanical Design and Design Validation. Completing the evaluation will accomplish two goals. First, on an individual level, achieving certification establishes you as a highly competent professional in the use of SOLIDWORKS. Second, for the hiring managers, acts as a valuable assessment to attest for the individual’s competency, thereby reducing the amount of time and energy required to research prospective candidates.

To qualify to take the CSWE exam, a candidate must have:

  1. Successfully passed the CSWP exam
  2. Successfully passed at least four of the CSWP advanced topic exams (Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Mold Tools, and Drawing Tools)


Miscellaneous Exams:

These exams cover different topics outside the CSWE tract of testing. These include PDM, MBD, Simulation, and Sustainable Design tests.


Associate Exams:

Associate level exams cover topics on a less intense level as professional level exams. For instance, the CSWA is the easier version of the CSWP. Both contain basic modeling questions, the CSWP just asks you to solve more problems in a similar amount of time. They are meant to be a stepping stone to higher level knowledge.



  • For all questions regarding registration, preparation, taking the exams, and finding your certification paper, (click here). You must have your customer login in place to view all the available information. Click this link, then click on the Create a SOLIDWORKS ID to create a customer account if you have not. Once created you will be able to find all the information needed to take your requested exams.
  • If your company is on SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, you are eligible to receive vouchers for free SOLIDWORKS Certification exams. Click here for details.
  • Once you have purchased your exam, the certification center is found here. Download the TesterPro client once logged in. From there, you can enter your exam code and begin.


Certified User Directory

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