SOLIDWORKS for Researchers
SOLIDWORKS for Researchers

No watermarks, no light versions, no delayed release cycle, no commercial pricing—all the power you need to succeed. If your research involves developing Intellectual Property (IP), patents, or publishing the results of your projects, then SOLIDWORKS Research Edition is the perfect tool for the job.

    • Collaborate Seamlessly with Industry:
      SOLIDWORKS Research Edition offers researchers the full suite of commercial software tools at special research pricing. You can share files without watermarks or special license agreements, so your institution can support sponsored research applications with ease. 
    • Get Your Ideas to Market Faster: 
      With SOLIDWORKS Research Edition, you can quickly go from initial concept through advanced analysis and validation of hypothesis, with valuable insights to optimize performance in the most cost-effective manner regardless of the material or use environment.
    • Join the SOLIDWORKS Community:
      Tap into the global SOLIDWORKS community to share best practices, refine tasks, and rapidly work through design challenges through a broad range of tools and resources—MySolidWorks, blogs, forums, and the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (SWUGN).                                                                                        
  • Videos
    Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Research Edition

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    SOFIA Project at the University of Stuttgart - SOLIDWORKS
  • Datasheets
    SOLIDWORKS Academic Research License InformationEDU-Academic-Research-Flyer
    SOLIDWORKS Research License FAQ
    SOLIDWORKS Research License Eligibility RequirementsEDU-Research-License
    Deutsches SOFIA Institut Customer Story
    Deutsches SOFIA Institut Customer Story
    Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corporation Customer Story
    Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corporation Customer Story

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