What's New in

Here are the top ten new features and enhancements in
SOLIDWORKS 2018 along with benefits you can expect.

1. Innovate User Experience Improvements

• Freehand sketching with pen or touch on compatible devices.
• Touch and stylus support for many design tasks.
• Enhanced mouse gestures and user interface customization.

2. Simulation Topology Study for Optimization of Part Geometry

• Automatically optimizes the shape of a design.
• Considers weight, function, and manufacturing criteria.

3. SOLIDWORKS CAM for CNC Machining

• Rules-based machining results in easy-to-learn, yet fast and powerful CAM.
• Powered by CAMWorks™: production-proven, integrated CAM for SOLIDWORKS.

4. SOLIDWORKS Inspection Support for MBD

• Includes support for SOLIDWORKS MBD and non-native 3D
CAD formats.
• Automatically interprets SOLIDWORKS MBD models for inspection documentation.
• SOLIDWORKS Inspection now integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM.

5. Sheet Metal Features that Improve Manufacturability

• Has a tab and slot feature for self-fixturing of parts for welding.
• Normal cut feature ensures clearance included for manufacturing.
• Corners that include three bends can be easily created and flattened.

6. SOLIDWORKS Manage for Project and Process Management

• SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plus powerful project, process, and item management.
• Dashboards and reports to manage project stages, timelines, and milestones.
• Create, edit and compare Bills of Materials (BOMs).

7. Cloud Connected SOLIDWORKS

• SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing allows easier use of your license on multiple machines.
• SOLIDWORKS Login automatically moves customized content and settings to any machine on which SOLIDWORKS is installed.
• SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal allows easier management of SOLIDWORKS products and services.

8. Work Directly with Mesh Data

• Perform operations directly on mesh such as Cut, Cut with Surface, Interference Check, Combine, Intersect, Split, Move/Copy, and others.
• Convert solid or surface geometry to mesh.
• Quickly fit surface bodies to regions of mesh models for reverse engineering.

9. Work Faster and More Efficiently with Assemblies

• “Alt” key hides faces while mating.
• Ghost mode to turn all parts transparent.
• Allow mating of parts with misaligned holes.

10. Collaborate more Efficiently for Model Based Enterprise

• Import and export STEP 242 including PMI.
• Import 3D models along with PMI from all major CAD formats.
• Display all SOLIDWORKS MBD created 3D Views in eDrawings®.

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