Every year Fisher Unitech hosts a series of product launch events to show what’s new in the latest release of SOLIDWORKS. For SOLIDWORKS 2017, we used a unique approach to bring our audience an interactive way to learn about the software’s new features and enhancements.

How did we do this? We came up with a design challenge using a claw robot named “FETCH”. We also turned the challenge into a contest. The person with the best design entry won FETCH!

See the Design Challenge

Our Mechanical Fix for FETCH

We used SOLIDWORKS 2017 along with other technologies that Fisher Unitech provides, including 3D scanning3D printing, and CAM to design and created a modified version of FETCH.  Here are some highlights of the process:

FETCH Modeled in SOLIDWORKS 2017

We used the latest features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 to reverse engineer and model FETCH from scratch.


Team Collaboration

We had many design iterations along the way, so we used SOLIDWORKS PDM for product data management to share files and manage revisions. SOLIDWORKS PDM also made it easy to collaborate across multiple departments and locations in different states.


Animated Renderings

We custom built a counterweight, wheelbar and a first person view mount and viewed animated renderings of our design.

The Mechanical Fix is Done - Meet FETCH 2.0

We 3D printed the counterweight arm. We used Mastercam to machine tool the metal wheel. And since we wanted to remotely operate FETCH without leaving the chair by seeing what he could see, we 3D printed a mount arm and added a first person view camera.


But Did it Work? Watch this Video to Find Out.

If you missed our SOLIDWORKS 2017 launch events, you can see the recorded presentation here.

Next up, we are looking forward to what’s to come in the SOLIDWORKS 2018 release.