Introducing Elastomers by Stratasys

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Limitless possibilities.

Resilience ○ High Elongation ○ Superior Toughness ○ Extreme Durability

The Stratasys F123 Series introduces a new way to reduce costs, decrease time-to-market, and simplify your prototype-to-product process. New Stratasys elastomers create reliable parts that compress and elongate directly off your 3D printer.


Dependable Solutions.
Accurate ○ Repeatable ○ No Constraints

Your in-house creations are now limitless thanks to durable elastomers on the Stratasys F123 series. Design large, small, simple, or complex parts with curves, cavities, and overhangs.

Rapid prototyping without pesky workarounds, a truly integrated workflow system that combines elastomer material, a quick-change extrusion head, and user-friendly software.

Elastomer Stratasys

Stratasys tested and approved.

For optimal performance, Stratasys elastomers passed rigorous tests giving you improved elongation and extreme toughness and durability.

A better material for better results.

30k Hours

Simply Wash Away Support Material

Complex geometries and cavities are no longer complex thanks to an exclusive soluble support material that builds a support structure around the part. This soluble support eliminates hands-on removal, reduces unwanted costs, and simplifies your prototype-to-product journey. When your part is ready simply wash away the support structure.

Wash Away Support Material

More Output. Less Cost.

How seamless is your workflow? With the F123 series and elastomers you can simply load your designs into the GrabCAD software then let the machine run - you’ll return to perfect parts every time. With minimal prep and soluble support handling the post-processing, you’re able to focus on and complete other tasks while still saving 40% of your 3D printing costs.

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