edrawings professional
eDrawings Professional

eDrawings Professional enables users to easily share product data and coordinate design reviews and is available for both Windows and Mobile platforms.

Building upon the strong foundation of eDrawings Viewer, eDrawings Professional enables true design collaboration with markup functionality, allowing users to create, edit, and save reviews by redlining 2D or 3D data and adding comments. Users of eDrawings Professional can also measure geometry within an eDrawings file when dimensions are missing, but sensitive design data can be protected by simply disabling the measurement feature.

eDrawings Professional allows users to gain an understanding of product assembly and internal structure with dynamic cross-sectioning and component move and explodes. Users can also view SOLIDWORKS animations, simulation and plastic results to understand design intent, performance, and manufacturability.


    eDrawings Professional Benefits

    • Collaborate with a lightweight 3D format without the need for CAD while protecting your IP.
    • Interrogate and investigate product design data in 3D for precision and clarity.
    • Enable bi-directional design communication and reviews both internally and externally.
    • View your designs in AR and VR to better understand the impact of the real world on your design.
    • Available for Windows, Macintosh, and mobile devices.

    eDrawings Professional Capabilities

    • Mark Up
      • Read MBD annotations
      • Create and share annotations
    • Measure
      • This feature can be disabled
      • Measure model to determine missing manufacturing data
    • Section
      • Use dynamic section planes
    • Move components and exploded views
      • Play exploded views or pick and move components
    • View configurations
      • Has support for multiple component configurations in one file
    • Animations
    Introduction to eDrawings Professional

    eDrawings Datasheet

  • Resources

    eDrawings Product Matrix


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