Driveworks Pro
DriveWorks Pro

DriveWorks Pro gives you all the functionality of DriveWorks Solo and more. You can create a Custom Configurator that anyone can use either locally or on the web to configure their designs. The software easily integrates with other business systems such as CRM, ERP, and PDM. DriveWorks Pro is also modular and customizable to fit your companys needs.By enabling your customers to configure products, get instant quotes, and place orders online, and by streamlining many of your time-consuming sales, engineering, and manufacturing processes, DriveWorks Pro gives you a competitive edge and turns mass customization into a cost-effective business strategy.


    DriveWorks Pro
    The easy-to-use configurator for desktop, mobile and tablet.

    The ability to configure, price and quote easily has become essential for manufacturing companies of all sizes, in all industries. Customized products are becoming the norm. Transform the way you do business by closing the gap between initial sales inquiry and manufactured product with DriveWorks CPQ for SOLIDWORKS.

    Impress More. Sell More.
    Impress your customers from the start with an easy-to-use configurator and quick, accurate quotes and responses. Respond quicker and better than your competitors and win more orders.

    Better Quality. Better Reputation.
    Providing Design Automation alongside CPQ, DriveWorks product configurators are based on rules, calculations and logic, improving the quality of outputs, reducing costly errors and strengthening your reputation.

    Easy-to-Set Up. Easy-to-Use.
    Build your DriveWorks configurator easily with no programming skills or consultants required. Empower your sales teams, distributors and customers to configure custom designs quickly and easily.

    Any Device. Anywhere.
    Break free from the constraints of conventional configurators. DriveWorks configurators look and work great on any device, allowing you and your customers to configure custom designs anywhere. Changes can be distributed instantly, so everybody sees accurate, up-to-date information at all times.

    Immersive 3D
    Let your customers see their custom products in impressive 3D and view the effects of their design changes immediately.

    Compelling Documents
    Automatically send eye catching branded documents that are personalized to each customer and order.

    Simple Templates
    Get started really quickly by customizing our Sales Configurator and Catalogue templates with our intuitive Form Designer.

    Seamless Links
    An easy-to-use workflow provides seamless links between teams as well as company systems such as CRM, ERP and CAD.

    Time Saving Automation
    Reduce repetitive tasks by automating customer responses and repetitive engineering tasks.

    Modular & Flexible
    Additional modules can be added as and when you need them to create a product configurator that suits your needs.

    Key benefits:

    • Meet the increasing demand for custom products to gain a competitive edge
    • Generate quotes in record time
    • Reduce the cost of custom designs
    • Show off your configurable products in 3D
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