DEMI Support Removal
DEMI Support Removal
DEMI Support Removal

When throughput is essential, the DEMI Process automated submersion system is engineered to meet the demands of volume production while ensuring consistency of every part. The varying specifications of our four models ensure a range of features are available for your support removal needs. All four models incorporate our proprietary software program and eco-friendly detergents for a complete additive manufacturing post-print solution.

The patent-pending DEMI removes supports from the following 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLA, CLIP, Polyjet, and more.

PostProcess offers the DEMI in four models, based on your needs, including two types of agitation: single (flow); dual (flow and ultrasonics):
*DEMI Model 1: 110V, single agitation
*DEMI Model 2: 220V, single agitation
*DEMI Model 3: 110V, dual agitation (includes 1,750W ultrasonics)
*DEMI Model 4: 220V, dual agitation (includes 1,750W ultrasonics)

See specification sheet below to download the PDF.


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