Centi Support Removal
CENTI Support Removal
CENTI Support Removal

The CENTI Support Removal Production Series solution provides all the conveniences of a compact bench-top footprint, with an envelope sized for a few large or several small geometries. Rely on the patent-pending CENTI for superior support removal for all 3D printed materials.

The CENTI removes supports from the following 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLA, PolyJet, CLIP, and more.

Utilizing proprietary software, the CENTI combines multiple forms of customized agitation and optimized energy. Paired with exclusive detergents, the right amount of time, and exact temperature based on the material and geometry of the 3D printed part, the CENTI delivers precise, hands-free support removal from 3D printed parts.

All of our production Support Removal machines, including the CENTI, have noise reducing features for a low dBa (“library quiet” as we like to call it) and reduced heat cycle.


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