Electronic Fit, Function, and Validation: Design to Manufacturing Series (Part 7)

    Mark Talbott by Mark Talbott on September 12, 2019

    Electrical design to manufacturingSpring cleaning has come and gone, yet the clutter persists.  In the act of redeeming a missed opportunity for bettering our work environment, the Application Engineering team at Fisher Unitech has sprung into action to create some elbow room, while hard at work servicing manufacturing.  An all-in-one wireless charging phone stand and headset holder takes center stage. We recently saw two design possibilities: The Holster and the Transporter, which both have been designed using a variety of tools and functionality within SOLIDWORKS.

    In both of these designs, we were able to overcome a few challenges that involved loads, stresses, and tolerances. We used 3D scanning, motion analysis, simulation, and 3D printing, among others to put us back on track. In today’s addition to our Design to Manufacturing Series, we detail the electrical aspects required for the scope of this project and the tools used to assist in our product development efforts.

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      Meet The Iron Angels: The First All-Female BUILD Moto Team

      Corrine Wolff by Corrine Wolff on September 9, 2019

      Iron Angels For the last two seasons, I have been a volunteer business mentor for The Iron Angels, the first all-female team in BUILD, a non-profit organization that I am very passionate about. BUILD Moto challenges high school teams to work with mentors to turn a vintage motorcycle into a qualified race bike in just six months. The students are provided supplies such as the chassis and engine, but the rest relies on the students to design, fix, modify, and rebuild for the race all while staying within budget. 

      Along with the technical side and building their bike, teams manage their own Instagram account, fundraise money for their bike, and keep track of their budget and spend. The Iron Angels are mentored by myself and other women who are knowledgeable and experienced with motorcycles. This not only helps with the technical side, but it inspires the students to dive in and get their hands dirty. 

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        Get up to Speed with 3DEXPERIENCE

        Angelle Erickson by Angelle Erickson on August 28, 2019

        3dexperienceWith so many stakeholders involved in the design process, it can be difficult for designers to safely share their data and communicate efficiently with other members of their company, especially when non-designers need or want input. The release of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform solves these problems by consolidating all of the tools both designers and non-designers need to collaborate into one cloud-based platform. 

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          The Transporter Project: Design to Manufacturing Series (Part 6)

          David Janicki by David Janicki on August 22, 2019

          design to manufacturing projectEarly on in our Design to Manufacturing series, we revealed some design concepts for our headset/cellphone stand that our Application Engineers were working on. The seven designs up for consideration were designed around portability and adjustability yet were creative and functional. We were able to narrow the final design down to two. In part four we saw how the Holster Project came together, in this blog we’re going to take a look at the Transporter.

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            WEATHER GUARD® Takes DriveWorks 3D Configurator to New Heights — Expediting Distributor Referrals to Drive Revenue

            Christa Prokos by Christa Prokos on August 20, 2019

            Weather Guard case studyWEATHER GUARD, a WernerCo brand, is an industry leader in truck and van storage equipment, including truck boxes, drawer units, shelving, cabinets, and racks for trucks, vans and utility vehicles. WEATHER GUARD organizes trucks and vans for greater productivity and provides tools and valuables superior protection against break-ins and weather.

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              Is it Time to Give Your SOLIDWORKS Skills a Tune-Up?

              Rodney Harper by Rodney Harper on August 19, 2019

              SOLIDWORKS tune-upAre you confident with your SOLIDWORKS skillset? Or could you or your team's productivity be kicked up a notch or two? There’s a new SOLIDWORKS training course designed to improve your existing CAD knowledge by exposing you to new tools, methods, and functions that will speed up your design process and boost your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS. Here’s what you need to know about CAD112: SOLIDWORKS Tune-Up Training Class. 

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                How to Relocate SOLIDWORKS PDM to a New Server

                Lindsay Early by Lindsay Early on August 13, 2019

                Move SOLIDWORKS PDM to a New ServerHaving to move SOLIDWORKS PDM to a new server is something that will probably come up at some point. It’s especially poignant now that several server operating systems are becoming unsupported. Since SOLIDWORKS PDM uses server names for all of its connections, those names will need to be updated on the Archive, Database, and Clients. In this blog, we’ll assume that the Archive and Database server names are changing. Keep in mind that some changes can be omitted if changing only one or the other. 

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                  Speed up Selections with these SOLIDWORKS Selection Tools

                  Laura Nickerson by Laura Nickerson on August 4, 2019

                  solidworks selection filter blogAre you having selection issues in SOLIDWORKS? No matter what you try, you cannot select a model edge or vertex? Do you spend a lot of time selecting many items over and over again? Sound familiar? There is an easy way. In this SOLIDWORKS tutorial, we’ll take a look at a couple of examples to speed this up including the SOLIDWORKS selection filters and box selection. Let’s take a look.

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                    Let’s Talk About PDM: Design to Manufacturing Series (Part 5)

                    Joe Frank by Joe Frank on August 2, 2019

                    about pdmOver the past few months, we’ve shared the progress of our Design to Manufacturing Series, a project using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, 3D printing, and 3D scanning to create a custom, fully functional headset and cellphone stand. The group of Application Engineers working on this project have had to collaborate on ideas, overcome design challenges, and share lots and lots of files. So before we jump into the next design, let’s pause for a minute and talk about product data management and sharing files with SOLIDWORKS PDM across a broader geography.

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                      Newly Announced SQL Server Updates for SOLIDWORKS Customers

                      Tom Starks by Tom Starks on July 26, 2019

                      SQL Server Updates SOLIDWORKS recently announced that it will no longer support SQL Server 2014 with version 2021 service pack 5. What does this news mean to SOLIDWORKS PDM or SOLIDWORKS Electrical customers? It means you’ll need to upgrade to SQL 2016 or greater no later than October 2021. In this blog, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions regarding this announcement.

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                        Improving Design Cycle Times & Collaboration with Mechanical and Electrical Design Software

                        Christa Prokos by Christa Prokos on July 23, 2019

                        electrical design softwareCreating well-designed electrical systems take time, skill, and strong communication between mechanical and electrical engineers; unfortunately, the design process doesn’t always flow as smoothly as we’d like. Waiting on another person to give feedback and make improvements can quickly become frustrating, and even the best communicators can forget details as designs pass from person to person. Seemingly minor oversights and bottlenecks in productivity can become lengthy design cycles that put projects behind schedule.

                        One way to avoid these potential pitfalls is through the use of electrical design software, like SOLIDWORKS Electrical, that improves ECAD and MCAD collaboration through intuitive tools and features.

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                          How to Copy a Sketch in SOLIDWORKS

                          Sean O'Neill by Sean O'Neill on July 22, 2019

                          how to copy a sketch in solidworksAtoms. Atoms are the building blocks of matter. We’ve been hearing this since about the third grade. Sketches? Sketches are some of the most basic building blocks of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD files. We use them to define boundaries for adding and removing material in all sorts of ways – boss features, revolve features, loft features, and more. 

                          During the course of your SOLIDWORKS career, you will come across occurrences when it will seem advantageous to copy a sketch you’ve already created to a new destination location. Using SOLIDWORKS, there are several ways to do so. In this article, I’ll reveal a couple of ways we can do this. Each way has a different end result – and for good reason. Using my own experiences, I’ll be sure to talk through each method (the ‘what’ and the ‘why’) of copying sketches in your designs. Let’s get started. 

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                            Improve Communication and Boost Productivity with Circuit Board Design Software

                            Christa Prokos by Christa Prokos on July 15, 2019

                            circuit board design Circuit board design is a complex process requiring the expertise of both mechanical and electrical engineers, and everything from your initial circuit layout to mechanical/electrical integration can quickly become frustrating and time-consuming. By working between two teams (often with multiple design iterations), it is easy for communication to break down, losing valuable insights and even entire revisions that lead to expensive mistakes and frustrating stalls in production.

                            Software created specifically for circuit board design can help engineers work faster and more efficiently, reduce costly errors, and improve communication between ECAD and MCAD teams. By looking for features tailored specifically to the unique needs of circuit board design, engineers can boost productivity and help the company’s bottom line.

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                              The Holster Project: Design to Manufacturing Series (Part 4)

                              James Reeher by James Reeher on July 2, 2019

                              Design to Manufacturing series 4If you’ve been following along with our Design to Manufacturing Series, then you know that we’re on a mission to create a fully functional headset and cellphone stand. To do this, our Application Engineers are utilizing the entire suite of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software as well as additive manufacturing technologies including 3D printing and 3D scanning. For this particular entry, we’ll take a look at some of the tools that can help us identify, solve, and determine how we should proceed with our design process.

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                                Creating a new Thread Profile in SOLIDWORKS

                                Cami L. Florence by Cami L. Florence on June 30, 2019

                                thread profileSOLIDWORKS users have been able to enjoy the ease of making threads ever since the release of Thread Profiles in SOLIDWORKS 2017. There are several pre-made types and sizes of thread profiles available, including Die, Tap, and Bottle Threads, as well as multiple different sizes available in each selection. However, there may come a time when you would like to add custom shapes and sizes. In this SOLIDWORKS tutorial, I’ll show you an example of using an existing Bottle Thread Profile to create a Custom Thread based on a 4mm pitch as well as how to configure for additional sizes. Let’s get started.

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