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    Improve Production Lead Times with Desktop Metal

    by Lisa Hannon on March 21, 2018

    production lead timesCompanies of all sizes are looking to gain a competitive advantage regardless of industry, but perhaps none more so than those in the booming manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are facing more competition than ever, and small to midsize companies, in particular, are struggling to stand up to both domestic and international pressure. Many believe that bridging the gap between themselves and their much larger competitors simply isn’t achievable due to a lack of resources - but the right approach can help improve production lead times while still saving cost.

    Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing subset of the manufacturing industry that has spurred advancements in medical, aerospace, and many other areas. Producers of 3D printing hardware have made their products more accessible than ever by creating hardware that suits a wide range of applications and settings. In particular, industry leaders like Desktop Metal have produced end-to-end solutions with a cost 10x cheaper than comparable systems, allowing companies of all sizes to leverage the power of 3D printing.

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      Fisher Unitech Welcomes First Desktop Metal Studio System 3D Printer

      by Angelle Erickson on March 7, 2018

      Desktop Metal Studio System 3D Printer It's here! We're excited to announce that on March 6th, 2018 we welcomed our first Desktop Metal Studio System 3D Printer at our new Fisher Unitech office located at mHUB in Chicago, IL. We've been thrilled to be a Diamond partner with Desktop Metal, and the innovations metal 3D printing can bring to the table.

      The Desktop Metal Studio System is safe, cost-effective, simple to use, and unlike any other metal 3D printer currently on the market.

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        Metal 3D Printing Solutions: The Desktop Metal and Fisher Unitech Partnership

        by Lisa Hannon on August 9, 2017

        Metal-3D-Printing-Solutions-The-Desktop-Metal-and-Fisher-Unitech-Partnership-1Fisher Unitech has recently partnered with Desktop Metal, a creator of accessible metal 3D printing metal solutions. The partnership will make metal 3D printing metal solutions more readily available, as Fisher Unitech will be selling and servicing Desktop Metal 3D printing systems in a wide portion of the United States, including the Midwest, New England, and Mid-Atlantic regions. The availability and affordability of 3D printing technologies for metals gives new options to engineers and designers looking to prototype or produce products on a large scale.

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          Fisher Unitech Partners with Desktop Metal to Provide Breakthrough Metal 3D Printing Solutions

          by Stacey Clement on June 15, 2017

          Fisher-Unitech-Partners-with-Desktop-Metal-to-Provide-Breakthrough-Metal-3D-Printing-Solutions-1Fisher Unitech announced today that it has partnered with Desktop Metal to add metal 3D printing solutions to its portfolio. Fisher Unitech will sell and service Desktop Metal 3D printing systems across Midwest, New England, and Mid-Atlantic geographies to provide affordable engineering and manufacturing 3D metal printing solutions covering the full product lifecycle — from prototyping to mass production.

          “We are excited to partner with Fisher Unitech,” says Desktop Metal’s CEO and Co-Founder Ric Fulop. “Fisher Unitech is an essential partner to help us fulfill our mission to make metal 3D printing more accessible, and we are pleased to have one of the largest sellers of 3D printers as part of our team.”

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