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    The Importance of Prototyping

    Angelle Erickson by Angelle Erickson on May 14, 2019

    what is prototyping bottleAre you looking to accelerate your development, create better products, and beat out the competition but don’t know where to start? Although 3D printing is generating a lot of buzz, some companies are still unsure how it can help their design cycle and create better prototypes, or even what prototyping is — and that can put them at a major disadvantage. According to Forbes, prototyping was the most popular 3D printing application in 2018, with significant returns; 93% of companies using 3D printing in 2018 were “able to gain competitive advantages including reducing time-to-market and flexing to support shorter production runs for customers.”

    So what is prototyping in 3D printing, and how do you take advantage of it? Here’s what you need to know.

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      New Announcements from Stratasys: F120, V650 SLA Flex, and Pantone Colors

      Gerald Matarazzo by Gerald Matarazzo on April 4, 2019

      Stratasys F120On April 1st, 2019, Stratasys announced some exciting new products to their additive manufacturing solutions portfolio. These new products include the F120 3D printer, which is an addition to their F123 Series line, the V650 Flex SLA 3D printer, and Pantone color capabilities for PolyJet which can be utilized on the J750 and J735 production 3D printers. Keep reading for a deeper look into these new innovations from Stratasys.

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        What Can You Make with a 3D Printer?

        Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on April 4, 2019

        what can you make with a 3D printer? 3D printing has radically changed the way companies have done business, from 3D printing in the medical field to 3D printed airplane parts, but it’s no longer limited to big spenders. The availability of desktop 3D printers and designs has made it easier and more affordable for hobbyists to try 3D printing at home, and there is a wide range of personalized pieces you can make to sell or use yourself. Here are just four of the project categories you can explore with a 3D printer.

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          Nano Dimension and the Power of PCB 3D Printing

          Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on March 6, 2019

          nano dimension closeupIn the time of industry 4.0, remaining innovative and evolving quickly is key to manufacturing success, especially when it comes to electronics. Yet manufacturers creating PCBs and other electronic components are often held back by outsourced designs that can delay the design cycle by weeks or even months.

          To address this issue, companies like Nano Dimension have worked to adopt 3D printing to fit the unique needs of electronics development. Through revolutionary new hardware and materials, electronics designers and manufacturers can now leverage the power of additive manufacturing with PCB 3D printing. Here’s what you need to know.

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            The History of 3D Printing: A 3D Printing Timeline

            Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on February 28, 2019

            history of 3D printingWith the prevalence of 3D printing and its rapid adoption across industries, it’s easy to think that the technology has been around for much longer than it has. In reality, the history of 3D printing dates back to the early 1980s, and in forty years has grown from a new process used by a select few to a mainstream technology adopted by everyone from hobbyists and engineers to manufacturers and researchers. What began as a relatively simple process has now evolved to encompass everything from bioprinting to metal 3D printers.

            We’ve compiled some of the biggest moments in 3D printing history below, as well as projections on where 3D printing is headed in the future. By preparing yourself for industry 4.0, and following along with the disruption of 3D printing, you can help your business innovate, save money and gain a competitive edge.

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              How Does 3D Printing Work? What Are The Common Functions, Uses and Product Options for 3D Printers?

              Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on January 31, 2019

              How 3D Printing WorksWhat is 3D printing? 3D printing is the process of creating a three dimensional, physical object from a digital model. 3D printing is sometimes referred to as “additive manufacturing,” although this term is used more frequently within the manufacturing industry to describe 3D printing’s role in the industrial process.

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                Our Top 10 3D Printing Blogs of 2018

                Angelle Erickson by Angelle Erickson on January 23, 2019

                Top 10 3D Printing BlogsCompanies and industries from around the globe are breaking barriers and embracing the disruption that 3D printing and additive manufacturing is creating. In 2018, we covered a wide range of subjects from breakthrough materials to brand new 3D printers that are assisting with the medical industry and surgical models to aerospace parts and consumer goods packaging. In case you missed any, here’s a compilation of the top 10 3D Printing blogs we published in 2018. Enjoy.

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                  3D Printing in the Automotive Industry: Revving Up Production with the Stratasys J750

                  Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on January 22, 2019

                  3D printing in automotive industryThe automotive industry has changed in almost every way since its beginnings in the 1800s, with rapid advances in everything from design and production to the parts and materials used. Today, the latest innovations in the automotive industry are driven by 3D printing, so much so that the market is expected to reach $1.56 billion by 2020. The availability of new materials like nylon, Ultem, and carbon fiber have given manufacturers more options when it when to comes to automotive applications, and continued improvements to 3D printing technology have reduced costs across the board.

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                    David Bolen, Stratasys Dental Strategic Account Manager | Spotlight Interview

                    Gerald Matarazzo by Gerald Matarazzo on January 7, 2019

                    David Bolen InterviewDental is an enormous and growing target for 3D printing. With the combination of specialized model shops, dentists, and orthodontists, it isn’t just your local dentists that need this technology - the industry as a whole is being disrupted.

                    I recently spoke to David Bolen, Strategic Account Manager at Stratasys about the current state of the dental and orthodontic technology, workflows, and manufacturing and how 3D printing is exponentially increasing throughput and efficiency within.

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                      The Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition: Industrial 3D Printer at an Affordable Price

                      Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on January 4, 2019

                      fortus 380mc carbon fiber edition3D printers have been integrated into workflows and onto factory floors to cut down on lead times and save on costs. But anyone who has 3D printed for tough applications knows the initial investment in a 3D printer can be expensive. Tough applications need to produce prototypes, parts, and tooling that are reliable and strong, but this dependability and accuracy don’t come cheap. Luckily, 3D printing company Stratasys has corrected this issue with an affordable carbon fiber 3D printer: the Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition.

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                        7 Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) Principles

                        Simon Indrele by Simon Indrele on December 26, 2018

                        design for additive manufacturing3D printing started in the 1980s and since then quite a few different technologies have developed. DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) will be applied differently to different 3D printing technologies. Different technologies require different optimization techniques which is important to keep in mind.

                        In this blog, we’re going to touch on PolyJet and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technologies. Let’s take a look.

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                          Improving 3D Print Parts Services with the F900

                          Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on December 5, 2018

                          3d print partsAs a top reseller of Stratasys products, Fisher Unitech is always looking for new ways to innovate its own processes and services. We recently invested in our own Stratasys F900 3D printer for our Pleasant Ridge, Michigan headquarters to improve our 3D print parts services and give customers the opportunity to see the printer in person before they buy. The F900 has a number of capabilities that are well-suited to 3D print parts production, and customers can expect even better quality and faster turnaround from us in the future!

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                            Desktop Metal Studio System Revealed at Fisher Unitech Headquarters

                            Stacey Clement by Stacey Clement on November 16, 2018

                            Desktop Metal StudioChristmas came early at our Fisher Unitech Headquarters this year with the arrival of our first Desktop Metal Studio System 3D printer, which includes the printer, debinder, and furnace. The Desktop Metal Studio System is the first 3D metal printer that is safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-use in the office.

                            We announced our Fisher Unitech and Desktop Metal partnership back in August 2017 and since then Desktop Metal 3D printers remain the first of their kind on the market. Here are just a few benefits of metal 3D printing and the innovations our Desktop Metal Studio System will bring.

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                              Driving Innovation in the Automotive Industry: Prototypes, Tooling and More

                              Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on November 14, 2018

                              future of automotive industrySince the days of the assembly line, the automotive industry has been known for driving innovation by adapting to changing consumer needs and taking advantage of new technologies. Today, the future of the automotive industry is strongly connected to the innovative power of additive manufacturing and the many ways it can save time and money. SmarTech Publishing expects the overall automotive additive manufacturing market to reach revenues of $5.3 billion USD in 2023, with a growth to $12.4 billion by 2028.

                              How is this possible? Additive manufacturing drives innovation for automotive and other industries by working faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than traditional processes, allowing companies to produce everything from prototype parts to end products. Here’s what you need to know about additive manufacturing in the automotive industry, and what you can expect in the future.

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                                Jeff Mize, CEO of PostProcess Technologies | Spotlight Interview

                                Gerald Matarazzo by Gerald Matarazzo on November 12, 2018

                                surface finishI recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Mize, CEO of PostProcess Technologies to dive into what his team is working on and what’s to come. Jeff Mize spearheads a team of over 50 people based out of Buffalo, New York, who are continually developing and reiterating their streamlined and automated PostProcess to 3D printing, consisting of specifically tailored chemistry, hardware, and software.

                                Jeff is an accomplished technical leader, leading two previous companies to billion and multi-billion dollar acquisitions. Although he is relatively new to 3D printing, there is a theme to his career. First, he digitized maps, then farming data, and now - post-processing of 3D printing. Here’s what Jeff had to say during his spotlight interview.

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