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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD combines intuitive features with powerful capabilities to make you more productive than ever. To speak with a SOLIDWORKS expert about a solution that’s right for you, just fill out the form and we will contact you soon.

Looking for more information now? Below you will find a whitepaper, product demo videos, and a data sheet on what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

In many industries, 3D CAD software has become the de facto product design tool, and a new crop of designers are turning to 3D CAD with the explosion of 3D printing technology. Read this whitepaper for nine criteria to consider when choosing a 3D CAD solution and learn how SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD checks the boxes.

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What better way to learn more about SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD then by seeing how Fisher Unitech used SOLIDWORKS 2017 to modify our robot FETCH!

This collection of videos includes the recorded webcast, “Top Highlights of SOLIDWORKS 2017,” covering key functionality, and four demos of core modeling capabilities, including: Sketching, Chamfers and Comments, Decals and Wraps, and Assemblies.

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You can read the story highlighting how we used the latest features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 to reverse engineer and model FETCH from scratch, then modified him using additional technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing and CAM.



Looking for a quick summary of what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2017? This data sheet covers the new features and enhancements, including the benefits you can expect to gain.

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