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The Top 5 3D CAD Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Launch blogTo help you get acquainted with what’s new in the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2020, we’ve highlighted the top 5 new features in 3D CAD. You can learn even more at one of our SOLIDWORKS 2020 Design to Manufacturing events. Along with showing you all of the top new features and enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020, we’ll have educational breakouts, great food and time for networking with peers and experts in your community. Keep reading to learn how SOLIDWORKS 2020 will help speed up every aspect of your design process with these top new features. 

#1. Large Assembly Drawings for Working Faster

Work faster on drawings with many sheets, configurations, and resource-intensive views.  

A major focus for the SOLIDWORKS development team each year is performance, and this year is no different. With Detailing Mode in SOLIDWORKS 2020, you can open massive drawings in seconds regardless of size and complexity. You can also maintain the ability to add and edit annotations. 

Additionally, Graphics Acceleration for Drawings gives you improved frame rates when zooming and panning in drawings.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 launch large assembly

#2. Faster Assembly Design with SOLIDWORKS 2020

Speed up assembly design and reduce visual clutter.

Envelopes have long been a great tool for making reference components that do not affect calculations or BOMs. With the new Envelope Publisher in SOLIDWORKS 2020, envelopes are no longer limited to components in the same assembly. You can include components from a top-level assembly as envelopes in a subassembly.  

Large Design Review allows you to create mates to the reference geometry of components, create and edit linear and circular component patterns, and edit pattern-driven and sketch-driven component patterns. Plus, you can create a configuration by removing details from an assembly using the Silhouette feature.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 launch assembly design

#3. Flexible Components

Create assembly designs faster while maintaining an accurate bill of materials.

SOLIDWORKS continues to innovate with flexible components so you can improve your design to manufacturing processes. With the Make Part Flexible feature in the latest SOLIDWORKS 2020 launch, you can make any part dynamic. Remap external references of parts easily without generating more part files and visualize and validate assemblies with motion. Your Bill of Materials recognizes the instances of flexible components as a common component. 


 #4. Faster Sketching

Create robust sketches faster.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 introduces new sketch enhancements that make getting your ideas inside SOLIDWORKS faster than ever, especially when using a touch-enabled device. The Silhouette Entities feature allows you to create multiple sketch entities by projecting the outline of component bodies onto a parallel sketch plane. Plus, you can now achieve G3 curvature between sketched curves for a seamless transition with Torsion Continuity Relation capabilities.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Launch sketching

#5. Faster Calculations and Improved Accuracy for Simulation

Run faster calculations and better simulation of real-world behavior.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 adds new functionality that improves performance when analyzing assemblies. You can now use a draft or high-quality mesh per part in the assembly study.  This option improves performance, allows for larger studies and delivers high-quality results, quickly, where you need them.

Bolt and Pin Connectors have also been improved with SOLIDWORKS 2020, allowing users to select between a rigid or distributed connection type. The new distributed connection option provides improved formulation of the connector delivering more realistic stress and displacement results and eliminating hot spots in results at the bolt and nut heads.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 launch simulation

This is only a glimpse into what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Join us at one of our launch events to spend time with our technical experts where you will see top new features and enhancements in action through product demonstrations and use case examples. 

Find a city near you here to register.

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