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What are SWUGN Technical Summits? (And Why You Should Attend)

SWUGN Technical SummitsThe SOLIDWORKS User Group community has been growing, learning, and sharing their knowledge and passion of SOLIDWORKS since they were first established in 1999. The SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (SWUGN - formerly known as the SOLIDWORKS National User Group) has adopted a new name and has expanded a lot over the past several years but has kept their mission the same: to bring SOLIDWORKS users together.

May 8th, 2018 kicks off the first of the SWUGN Technical Summits in Columbus, Ohio with speakers straight from DS SolidWorks Corp. and Fisher Unitech’s very own Jay-Shan Jackson and Amanda Osbun. Keep reading to learn more about SWUGN Technical Summits and why you should be attending these all-day learning sessions.

The difference between a SWUGN Technical Summit and a Local SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting

Local SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings are often held sporadically throughout the year and run by a great group of volunteers who want to share their knowledge and offer a chance to geek out on SOLIDWORKS after work hours. These meetings are free of charge, focused on one or two topics, and a great way to meet and network with other SOLIDWORKS users in the community.

A SWUGN Technical Summit is a full-day of learning for all levels of users including speakers from DS SolidWorks Corp and other leaders and experts in the SOLIDWORKS community. If you’ve attended SOLIDWORKS World in the past, these SWUGN Technical Summits are similar to all-day breakout sessions--packed with tips and tricks and Q&A sessions--so prepare to take lots of notes! The day will start off with a group session which is followed by several smaller sessions.

Upcoming SWUGN Technical Summits

May 8th in Columbus, Ohio - Topics include: Surfacing, assembly performance, sketching, xDesign, and more

May 15th Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Topics include: Assembly tools, DriveWorks, Sheet Metal tools, SOLIDWORKS CAM, Visualize, and more.

May 22nd in Detroit, Michigan - Topics include: Weldments, multi-bodies, Sheet Metal, surfacing, xDesign PDM, Visualize, and more.

June 12th in Chicago, Illinois - Topics include: Large assemblies, SOLIDWORKS Manage, Weldments, SOLIDWORKS Composer, xDesign, PDM, the SOLIDWORKS admin portal, and more.

Regardless if you’re a new user to SOLIDWORKS or an experienced user you’re going to bring back new information and techniques. These meetings also give you a great opportunity to network and engage with other SOLIDWORKS users and experts from a variety of different areas. For more information or further questions about SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings, please contact See you there!

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