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What are SOLIDWORKS User Groups?

SOLIDWORKS-User-Groups-Connect-with-the-communitySOLIDWORKS User Groups were first established in 1999 with the mission to bring together SOLIDWORKS power users and new users alike to learn from one another. Meetings are free of charge, usually held in the evening, and experts present on an array of topics. They provide tips and tricks and answer questions during a Q&A session.

Keep reading to learn more about these events, find out how to locate a user group near you, and what to expect.

How to locate a SOLIDWORKS user group

The SOLIDWORKS User Group website provides an easy way of locating a SWUG near you. All you have to do is put in a city and state or zip code. Once a group has been selected, the group contact information is given and will often include an upcoming meeting date, agenda, and registration link.

Not all SWUGs are the same, but most are held around four times a year featuring different presenters on different topics. They are typically a few hours long and have a catered meal prepared for attendees. Depending on the location, crowd numbers can vary but most will have a mix of new users and power users from all different walks of life.

Who attends SOLIDWORKS user groups?

Your co-workers, your colleagues, and your network. Often times, presenters are from the reseller you got your SOLIDWORKS license from. For example, Fisher Unitech SOLIDWORKS experts present in and attend an average of 20 user groups annually throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. This is a great opportunity to meet them, ask them questions, and build a relationship with them. These are the people you’ll meet when attending a training course, launch events for new SOLIDWORKS releases, and other educational events..

A chance to geek out on SOLIDWORKS

The best part about attending a SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting is that the information presented is extremely relevant. Presenters provide solutions to problems they’ve actually encountered or unique ways to overcome an issue they deemed life-changing to their everyday work flow. User group meetings put text books to the side and focus on real-life challenges and obstacles.

In conclusion, SOLIDWORKS User Groups are meant to be fun and engaging, often including door prizes and giveaways. Most importantly, it’s a way to join the community and stay involved in the SOLIDWORKS network.

At Fisher Unitech, we strive to provide the best customer experience by providing award-winning service and support. Keep an eye on our events page, to stay up-to-date with upcoming User Group meetings that our talented staff attend and present at. We hope to see you there!

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