How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Cost? Everything You Need to Know About SOLIDWORKS Pricing

SOLIDWORKS priceAre you interested in SOLIDWORKS software but don’t know where to get started? You’re not alone.

There are many factors to consider when making a new software purchase, including pricing, functionality, and overall fit. We’ve broken down the different SOLIDWORKS products available for purchase and the differences between them to help you make the right selection for your needs. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Buy SOLIDWORKS: Purchase a Subscription or a License?

SOLIDWORKS buyers have the option of purchasing either a license or a subscription. According to SOLIDWORKS, a license is a one-time purchase, but it does not include software updates when a new version comes out. A subscription, on the other hand, needs to be renewed each year but receives automatic updates and unlimited technical support. This is typically the better option for users because it gives them access to new functionalities as they are released.

In addition, most SOLIDWORKS products are structured in a three tier system: Standard, Professional, and Premium. Each level offers new features, and the tier of SOLIDWORKS software you need is dependent on where and how you are using it; for example, a commercial design firm will likely need different capabilities than a group of students. For more information on which SOLIDWORKS software works best for you, you can contact our experts for guidance.


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD enables you and your team to quickly turn ideas into parts, assemblies, prototypes and more.

      • - SOLIDWORKS Standard CAD delivers robust 3D design capabilities and ease-of-use.
        • - SOLIDWORKS Professional CAD builds on SOLIDWORKS Standard and introduces data management, photorealistic rendering, and a sophisticated components and parts library.
          • - SOLIDWORKS Premium CAD incorporates the features of both SOLIDWORKS Standard and Premium while adding reverse engineering capabilities, powerful simulation and design validation tools, and more.
          • How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cost?

            SOLIDWORKS Simulation Software allows you to test and validate your designs before investing in physical prototypes.

            • - SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard offers the basics of design validation by allowing you to compare alternatives, simulate repeated loading, and utilize failure prediction.
            • - SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional adds a complete set of analysis and validation tools to Standard’s capabilities and allows you to subject your designs to real-world stresses.
            • - SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is the most robust simulation offering, with highly-advanced finite element analysis (FEA) functions at a fraction of high-end FEA software costs.

            In addition to the traditional three-tiered software offerings, SOLIDWORKS also offers a variety of specialized simulation software and tools. This includes SOLIDWORKS Plastics for easy-to-use injection molding simulation, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability for conducting life cycle assessment, and more.

            SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) Software Price

            SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) software simplifies the management of your engineering data through secure storage and indexing. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is well-suited for smaller workgroup environments, while SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional offers additional features for organizations of all sizes.

            You can find out more information about the differences between SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional and how to pick the right PDM solution for your company here.

            SOLIDWORKS CAM Pricing

            SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWORKS software is CNC software for machine tools.

            • - SOLIDWORKS CAM is a fully integrated Knowledge Based Machining technology that allows you to reduce errors and complete tasks faster.
            • - 3 Axis Milling, Multi-Axis Milling, Mill Turn, and Turning tools are also available.
            • SOLIDWORKS 3DExperience Pricing

              With SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience software, design professionals can create and collaborate without constraint. Products are available for both conceptual and industrial designs, while SOLIDWORKS Platform Contributor is a more general use product for secure and flexible collaborative development.

              SOLIDWORKS Technical Communication Pricing

              SOLIDWORKS technical communication software lets you leverage 3D CAD data to create dynamic graphical content and create more compelling product information.

              SOLIDWORKS Design Automation Pricing

              SOLIDWORKS design automation software automatically generates 2D and 3D drawings of your SOLIDWORKS CAD models and manufacturing data for reduced development costs and increased productivity.

              • - DriveWorks SOLO can take one simple input form and automatically generate 3D models, 2D drawings, cover letters, Bills of Materials and more. You can preview your creations, reuse existing company data, and template documents to streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. 
              • - DriveWorks Pro builds on the functionality of DriveWorks SOLO and allows users to create a Custom Configurator that can enable your customers to configure products and streamline processes. 
              • - SOLIDWORKS DriveWorksXpress is a FREE design automation tool that comes with every seat of SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorksXpress is already installed inside SOLIDWORKS -- you just need to activate it.
              • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cost

                SOLIDWORKS Electrical products combine the electrical schematic functionality of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic with the 3D modeling capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D for one powerful, easy-to-use package. Price varies by the tool or software you are selecting.

                SOLIDWORKS Training Cost

                Users interested in getting a better understanding of their SOLIDWORKS software can also take advantage of SOLIDWORKS training. Courses are typically seen as an investment by employers who want to help their staff prepare for SOLIDWORKS exams. The SOLIDWORKS certifications are worth it to many employers because they help gauge competency and take the responsibility of training off their team leads.

                Fisher Unitech offers expert-led courses both online and in-person for your convenience, with classes spanning a variety of products and topics to help attendees prepare for the SOLIDWORKS exams. Retakes and add-ons (books and class recordings) are offered free of charge.

                SOLIDWORKS Promotions

                SOLIDWORKS promotions typically occur in June and in October when a new version is released. Get in touch with us to learn about the latest SOLIDWORKS promotions.

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