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Meet our Experts: Rachael Buhl - Senior Application Engineer Instructor

Power of Our People Training ExpertsRachael Buhl is a Senior Application Engineer Instructor at Fisher Unitech and is based out of our office in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rachael has been passionately instructing students on SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software for three years to help users sharpen their skills and gain their certifications.

Rachael is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, with certifications in Mechanical Design and Composer. She has been a SOLIDWORKS user since 2011. Keep reading to learn more about Rachael and what got her interested in SOLIDWORKS.

Gaining an additional SOLIDWORKS certification can do a lot of things. It can help complete a project faster, it can aid in landing a certain position, or it can help sharpen your overall skills. Rachael let me in on why she believes SOLIDWORKS training is important and more about how she got involved.

How did you get involved using SOLIDWORKS?

I was taking technology education classes at North Carolina State University and the SOLIDWORKS course was my favorite. I’ve been interested in technical drawing since I was in middle school, and after my stint in the United States Air Force, I found myself diving back into it.

Why do you think training is so important?

Proficiency in SOLIDWORKS will not only improve your job performance, but it also opens up many opportunities in the job market especially if you go the route of getting certifications. In the industry, SOLIDWORKS training is highly respected.

Do you have any advice for someone who is on the fence about signing up for a training class?

Even if you are an experienced SOLIDWORKS user, I guarantee that you will still learn something new during training. There is an abundance of new features every year and improved processes in modeling tools. For the beginner user, the overall training experience will give you the foundation you need to eventually become an expert in SOLIDWORKS.

Did you know…?

Rachael Buhl 2Rachael has lived quite an adventurous life! She’s been rock climbing, skydiving, was an avid scuba diver, and has climbed Mt. Fuji.

She also served in the United States Air Force for seven years as a Serbian Croatian and Mandarin Chinese Airborne Cryptologic Linguist.

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