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Meet our Experts: 3D Printing Field Technician Greg Pancoast

Power of Our People 3D PrintingIf you’ve recently purchased a Stratasys 3D Printer from Fisher Unitech, and your company is located in the Mid-Atlantic area, (or our most recent expansion into New England), chances are you may have met Greg Pancoast. Greg is a 3D Printing Field Technician based out of our office in Horsham, Pennsylvania and has been with Fisher Unitech since 2017.

Keep reading to learn more about Greg and his expertise in the additive manufacturing industry.

3D printing technology has been taking industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and dental by storm, just to name a few, in creating concept models, jigs and fixtures, and prototypes for functional testing to help get their designs to market faster.

Greg has over 11 years of experience in the industry, and I wanted to know his opinion on how additive manufacturing is shaping the industry to make its way into the 4th industrial revolution.

What got you interested in 3D Printing?

I think it’s both interesting and exciting to be involved with 3D printing. I always look forward to seeing what material will be available to print with in the future.

How has additive manufacturing been a game changer for so many companies?

I believe that owning a 3D printer allows companies to get their products to market quicker. It also allows them to experiment with ideas that they may not have been able to, especially if they had to pay out an outside vendor for their 3D printing services.

Do you have any advice for a company who is on the fence about bringing a 3D Printer in-house?

A company on the fence shouldn’t focus on today, they should think about the years to come and how this technology can help their company grow.

Did you know?

GregPancoastGreg has earned several support certifications and has a high satisfactory rating from his customers due to his technical skills and attention to detail. When he’s not working with 3D printers, Greg enjoys cycling, sporting clays, fishing, and boating.

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