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Improve Production Lead Times with Desktop Metal

production lead timesCompanies of all sizes are looking to gain a competitive advantage regardless of industry, but perhaps none more so than those in the booming manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are facing more competition than ever, and small to midsize companies, in particular, are struggling to stand up to both domestic and international pressure. Many believe that bridging the gap between themselves and their much larger competitors simply isn’t achievable due to a lack of resources - but the right approach can help improve production lead times while still saving cost.

Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing subset of the manufacturing industry that has spurred advancements in medical, aerospace, and many other areas. Producers of 3D printing hardware have made their products more accessible than ever by creating hardware that suits a wide range of applications and settings. In particular, industry leaders like Desktop Metal have produced end-to-end solutions with a cost 10x cheaper than comparable systems, allowing companies of all sizes to leverage the power of 3D printing.

Desktop Metal in Action: Saving on Time and Costs

production lead timesBuilt-Rite is one of the companies who has successfully used 3D printing to get ahead in a competitive market. The mold-making and design firm faced stiff competition from overseas manufacturers, as well as domestic prototyping shops offering quick turnaround for small quantities of parts. Using a Desktop Metal 3D printer allowed Built-Rite to achieve real-world success by creating shorter lead times, helping them win bids and meet strict deadlines.

Most importantly, the new approach to design didn’t become more costly than previous methods. Using the Studio System actually resulted in a 90% cost savings, creating a process less labor-intensive than their other equipment. The end result was a selection of precise, high-quality molds that minimized material and maintained wear resistance.

Getting the Work Done

Desktop Metal is more than a 3D printer - it’s a 3D printer that lives up to the hype and gets the work done. If you want to learn more about the Studio System, download case study or contact us today.

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