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Desktop Metal Studio System Revealed at Fisher Unitech Headquarters

Desktop Metal StudioChristmas came early at our Fisher Unitech Headquarters this year with the arrival of our first Desktop Metal Studio System 3D printer, which includes the printer, debinder, and furnace. The Desktop Metal Studio System is the first 3D metal printer that is safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-use in the office.

We announced our Fisher Unitech and Desktop Metal partnership back in August 2017 and since then Desktop Metal 3D printers remain the first of their kind on the market. Here are just a few benefits of metal 3D printing and the innovations our Desktop Metal Studio System will bring.

End-to-end solution

The Desktop Metal Studio System offers an end-to-end, three-part solution that automates metal 3D printing. With a cloud-based software called Fabricate, users can depend on a seamless workflow when building complex parts in-house. These are the three pieces take your design from start to finish.


The Studio System is unlike any other metal 3D printer on the market thanks to using FDM-like technology. By eliminating lasers and metal powders, users can still get lightweight strength and closed-cell infill features without safety requirement setbacks.


The debinder is a tool that prepares printed parts for sintering in the furnace. Polymer and wax binders are what hold the metal particles together. During debinding, primary binders dissolve away. Distillates are automatically separated, allowing the liquid to be reused over and over again. The result is a “dry parts in - dry parts out” process with minimal waste.


Unlike other industrial furnaces, the Studio System furnace is compact; sized to fit through an office door and generates heat profiles based on the number, position, and geometry of parts.

Safe for any office and user-friendly

Safety is important when working with any piece of equipment or machinery especially when working with fine metal particles. Unlike traditional metal 3D printing methods, bound metal deposition eliminates dangerous loose powders and lasers. Because of this safer approach, 3rd party equipment and special facilities aren’t necessary with the Desktop Metal Studio System.

The Desktop Metal Studio System won’t slow you or your team down with a difficult learning curve either. With the integrated cloud-based software Fabricate TM  and simplified model prep, users can print parts with good metallurgy every time that can be removed from the printer by hand.

Built to Scale

Desktop Metal designed their Studio System so it could be used in diverse business situations and address any business need. The Fabricate software provides the ability to auto-generate custom build plans optimized for multi-part jobs; increased debind and sinter capacity enables scalable throughput for low volume production.

Want to secure a Desktop Metal 3D Printer in 2019? Reserve your system today - supplies are limited!

Desktop metal studio

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