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Creating Manufacturing Floor Tools with 3D Printing

3D Printing Manufacturing Floor ToolsMaybe one of the best applications for 3D printing is the
creation of unique and essential tools used

on the manufacturing floor. There are
countless times during the day where a manufacturing engineer needs a tool to
help hold, position, place, or organize parts. For those reasons jigs,
fixtures, check gauges, and other floor tools are ideas to be 3D printed, primarily
using FDM technology.

On the production floor FDM jigs and fixtures make work
easier and safer. And companies that use FDM find that they have more of them
than ever since they are so easy and inexpensive to make. Make a masking tool
for conformal coating electronics and cut out manually taping each printed
circuit board. Or build a dispenser for factory floor labels. For assembly
operations use FDM for nesting assembly fixtures, rivet guides, or assembly
guides. Need a one of a kind tool? You can easily produce that too.


Using industry grade strong plastic like Nylon, Poly-carbonate,
and Ultem that are available on Stratasys FDM printers, workers are able to
quickly print the necessary tools needed to get a job done and always have them
on hand as part repeat-ability is easily done on Stratasys machines. From R&D
through inspection FDM is the tool to make work more efficient with jigs and
For more information on production of manufacturing tools using 3D Printing be sure to sign up for our upcoming webcast 3D Printing Manufacturing Tools