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3D Printing Helps the Aerospace Industry Take Off

Whether it is on the commercial side or the military side of
the aerospace industry, 3D printing is
3D Printing Aerospace Industry

becoming a key component of getting
projects off the ground. Commercial airlines are seeing a large spike in the
utilization of 3D printing for end use parts. For companies like Airbus, 3D
printing parts out of an ULTEMâ„¢ 9085 resin works great as this material is
certified to meet Airbus material specifications. Utilizing Stratasys Fused
Deposition Modeling 3D printing, Airbus has managed to produce more than 1000
flight parts for use on A350 XWB aircraft, which began delivery in December

The benefits that a company like Airbus sees out of 3D
printing end use parts is pretty substantial. FDM parts are lightweight yet
still very strong. This is helpful for the airline industry because if you can
reduce weight while still maintaining a high level of strength, then you can
save money on fuel. Another benefit Airbus has found by 3D printing is ways to
reduce its part inventory. With the speed and accuracy of 3D printing it is
simple to quickly print a new part when it comes time to replace something that
is old or worn out. By doing this Airbus frees up space in warehouses by
reducing their overhead costs of storage of replacement parts.
3D Printing Helping Aerospace Industry
3D Printing is also having a major impact on government and
military projects. U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Akron) and U.S. Rep. Mike Turner
(R-Dayton) have included a request in the proposed 2016 Defense Budget for 10
million dollars worth of funding to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, with the
purpose of exploring and enhancing 3D printing capabilities in Airforce
applications. 3D printing is also developing into a very important tool for
NASA. There are numerous 3D printing projects that have been developed for
space exploration including building parts for the land rovers that will be
sent to Mars and even installing a 3D printer on board the international space


With a reduction in design constrictions, increase speed,
industry grade materials, and better productivity it should be no surprise 3D
printing is becoming the perfect partner for Aerospace.