Large Assemblies and How to Make Them Faster in SOLIDWORKS (Part 1)

    by Toby Schnaars on January 12, 2018

    SOLIDWORKS large assemblies The term large assembly is a bit subjective. I often ask my customers a handful of questions, such as does your assembly take a long time to open, save, or rebuild? Does your assembly take a long time to make a drawing or work with drawings, does it hang your computer when you rotate, insert components, edit parts, or when adding mates? If they’ve answered yes to some or all of these questions, then you’re probably working with large assemblies.

    In this blog series, I’m going to talk about large assemblies and how to make them faster. For more SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks, join my free monthly webinar. Let’s get started.



      SOLIDWORKS CAM Software and Tolerance Based Machining

      by Angelle Erickson on January 10, 2018

      SOLIDWORKS CAM Software and Tolerance Based MachiningOne of the most highly anticipated features of SOLIDWORKS 2018 was the introduction of SOLIDWORKS CAM.  SOLIDWORKS CAM software delivers fully integrated knowledge based CNC programming to help eliminate repetitive manual tasks, reduce errors, and avoid unexpected costs to help complete your product faster.

      Did you know SOLIDWORKS CAM is available in all versions of SOLIDWORKS Desktop? Our upcoming webcast will explore this new toolset and will demonstrate how to take your part from CAD to CAM in the same program. So don’t forget to register. This blog gives an overview of SOLIDWORKS CAM to get you familiar and explains the powerful new features of tolerance based machining.



        3D Printing News: Top 10 Stories of 2017

        by Angelle Erickson on January 8, 2018

        Top 10 3D Printing News of 2017-13D printing has continued to make an impact in many different areas. Whether it’s helping save lives in the medical field, driving innovation in the automotive industry, or bringing opportunities to new heights in the world of aerospace technologies, 3D printing news is making headlines for its endless possibilities.

        In 2017 here at Fisher Unitech, we covered a lot of 3D printing news, Stratasys came out with a new line of printers, materials, and new enhancements to GrabCAD Print, and we continued to explore 3D scanning and metal 3D printing. These are the top ten stories we posted in 2017. Have you read them all?

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          What’s New Series: SOLIDWORKS 2018 User Experience

          by Angelle Erickson on January 5, 2018

          SOLIDWORKS 2018 Uesr ExperienceThe user experience while using 3D CAD software can determine many factors including how your day starts off. Are you stressed that you often can’t find what you’re looking for? Do you have too many tabs and folders cluttering up your screen? These stresses can cause a waterfall of problems resulting in delays in your design and project completion date. Who wants that?

          SOLIDWORKS 2018 introduces many enhancements to their interface that improve your day-to-day productivity and help you get your design task completed ahead of schedule. This blog will demonstrate some of these new features.

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            SOLIDWORKS Frequently Asked Questions: Top 10 Tips and Tricks of 2017

            by Angelle Erickson on January 4, 2018

            SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip-1“How do I do..?”, “What’s the difference between..?”, “Where do I find..?” These are all common phrases SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printing users start with when seeking answers to their questions. Often times, there is a question that is asked time and time again. In 2017, here at Fisher Unitech, we answered lots of questions and closed over 22,000 customer support cases. Some of the most popular questions we published on our blog. Here are the top ten SOLIDWORKS tech tips our readers searched for in 2017. Did you?

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              What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 Drawings Enhancements

              by Christa Prokos on January 2, 2018

              SOLIDWORKS 2018 Drawings Enhancements-1 As we continue our blog series covering what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018, we’re excited about drawing enhancements and expect you will be too. SOLIDWORKS 2018 drawings features allow you to quickly create part and assembly drawings from 3D designs.

              In this blog we cover drawing enhancements new in SOLIDWORKS 2018 including: the ability to insert 3D model views, automatic Advanced Hole callouts, layer support for cross hatching, new trailing zero display options, broken out section view support for Section View and Alternate Position View, and an all uppercase switch capability for text in tables.

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                Boost Your Productivity with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

                by Matt Haywood on December 28, 2017

                Boost-Your-Productivity-with-SOLIDWORKS-Visualize-Boost-0SOLIDWORKS Visualize, introduced to the SOLIDWORKS product suite in 2016,  gives users another excellent choice when needing to generate photo-realistic images. All seats of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional include a license for SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost.

                In this blog, I’ll cover what SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is, how it can boost your productivity, and an in-depth look on how it works.

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                  Objet30 3D Printer Helps Nicomatic Speed Delivery: A Case Study

                  by Lisa Hannon on December 27, 2017

                  Stratasys Objet30 Helps Nicomatic Speed Delivery: A Case Study-1Companies like Nicomatic are applying the capabilities of 3D printing into their everyday workflow. With 3D printing readily available, prototypes and end-use parts can be made and analyzed faster than ever before. Learn how Nicomatic successfully increased their production of custom fixtures and prototypes with additive manufacturing solutions.

                  Nicomatic builds electrical connectors, cables and switches for the defense, avionics, medical, space and membrane switch industries as well as many others. Often Nicomatic’s customers order the connectors late in the product development process and in these cases fast delivery is essential to meeting the customer’s product launch date.

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                    Using Automatic Login with SOLIDWORKS PDM

                    by Heather Dawe on December 26, 2017

                    Automatic login with SOLIDWORKS PDM-1One of the best features of SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) is its integration with Windows Explorer and how it allows users to access the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault directly from Windows Explorer. In this tech tip, I’m going to discuss three different ways users and administrators can set up an automatic login with SOLIDWORKS PDM, which allows users to access the vault and get working faster. Let’s get started.

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                      Fisher Unitech Celebrates the Fourth Revolution Awards in Chicago

                      by Christa Prokos on December 21, 2017

                      Fisher Unitech attends Fourth Revolution Awards On October 18th, the inaugural Fourth Revolution Awards hosted by manufacturing innovation centers mHUB, UI LABS and IMEC took place in Chicago, Illinois honoring talent and achievements in the region’s manufacturing community.

                      Product development experts from Fisher Unitech were there to celebrate along with other technology enthusiasts and visionaries in the greater Chicago manufacturing community. Keep reading to learn more about this intelligence and technology driven event and more about the mHUB community.

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                        Everything You Need to Know About Manufacturing: 20 Manufacturing Statistics

                        by Lisa Hannon on December 20, 2017

                        Manufacturing Statistics Manufacturers big and small play an important role in the U.S. economy; according to the United States Census Bureau, manufacturers are the nation’s fourth-largest employer and ship trillions of dollars in goods every year. Whether it’s a large auto plant churning out cars or an establishment with fewer than 50 employees, manufacturers are critical to the country’s global success. Yet many people have misconceptions about the manufacturing industry -- that jobs are undesirable and low-paying, or that the United States is rapidly losing ground to China.

                        In reality, the United States’ manufacturers are still going strong and offer a wide range of well-paying jobs. Here are 20 manufacturing statistics and facts you should know.

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                          New SOLIDWORKS 2018 Touch Mode and Touch Sketching

                          by Angelle Erickson on December 18, 2017

                          SOLIDWORKS 2018 Touch Mode & Touch Sketching Just because you’re not on your laptop or desktop computer doesn’t mean your designs and sketches should be put on hold. Living in a busy world, where everyone is constantly on the go, being able to work on your design and collaborate with your team efficiently should be simple regardless of where you are. SOLIDWORKS 2018 introduces some fantastic new capabilities for customers working on Windows touch enabled devices with SOLIDWORKS 2018 Touch Mode and Touch Sketching.

                          This blog shows you how to use these great new features, where they’re located, and how you can start using them now.

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                            What’s New Series: SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018

                            by Angelle Erickson on December 15, 2017

                            SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 There are so many new features to cover in SOLIDWORKS 2018, that we’ve split them up in series of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 blogs. In this blog, we’ll be exploring what’s new in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018.

                            SOLIDWORKS Visualize has a wonderful toolset that allows users to create realistic content and animations that depict the real-world and real-world scenarios. SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 meets the demands of today’s consumers who expect to imagine and engage with products well before they go into production. Let’s take a closer look at how SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 helps you to create even more compelling experiences for your customers.

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                              SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 - SOLIDWORKS 2018 Blog Series

                              by Angelle Erickson on December 13, 2017

                              SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 SOLIDWORKS 2018 blog series If you or your organization creates inspection documents but the process is tedious and slowing you down, then it’s time to incorporate a more productive solution. SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 is an easy to use application that eliminates input errors and drastically reduces the time needed to create inspection and quality control documentation.

                              SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 automates the ballooning and engineering of drawings and makes the creation of industry standard inspection reports so much easier. Keep reading to learn more about the latest capabilities in the SOLIDWORKS 2018 portfolio.

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                                New SOLIDWORKS 2018 Online Licensing Options

                                by James Reeher on December 11, 2017

                                New SOLIDWORKS 2018 Online Licensing Options-1SOLIDWORKS 2018 has introduced many new features and capabilities across the entire 3D CAD portfolio. One of those new enhancements that I am most excited about is the new SOLIDWORKS 2018 Online Licensing option. This new option gives SOLIDWORKS 2018 users more asset flexibility than ever before.

                                In this blog, we’ll take a look at what each licensing options look like from a high level and discuss how SOLIDWORKS 2018 Online Licensing may be a good idea for you. Make sure to view my recorded webcast where I demonstrated top tips on how to save time and money during the design to manufacturing process while also increasing product quality with SOLIDWORKS 2018. Let’s dive in.

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                                  Create the Future with New GrabCAD Voxel Print

                                  by Angelle Erickson on December 8, 2017

                                  Stratasys GrabCAD Voxel Print The power of additive technology is changing the way designers imagine and create their designs. Encountering roadblocks due to lack of technology is a thing of the past especially for researchers involved in FAD (fabrication aided design). The new groundbreaking capabilities of GrabCAD Voxel Print allows designers to design and fabricate from the bottom up using voxels. What is a voxel? A voxel is a volumetric, or three dimensional pixel which allows for full control of the material or properties being used in a design.

                                  The following blog was created and provided by Stratasys and provides a detailed look into the endless capabilities of GrabCAD Voxel Print.

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                                    What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018

                                    by Drew Buchanan on December 7, 2017

                                    What's New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018-1There are so many new features and enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018 that we’re excited about. Our “What’s New” blog series takes you through the entire what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018 portfolio. In this blog, we will be covering some of the great new features in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 portfolio.

                                    Do you want a demonstration? I hosted an in-depth webcast on the newest release of SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 covering solutions from stress/deflection, electromagnetics, topology optimization, injection molding scenarios, casting simulation, and more. Let’s get started!

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                                      What’s New Series - SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018

                                      by Christa Prokos on December 6, 2017

                                      SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018Today in our blog series about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018 we’re covering SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018. If you’re not familiar with SOLIDWORKS PDM, it’s product data management software used by organizations large and small to improve product development collaboration and automate workflows.

                                      New features in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 include design branching and merging, which will help users improve the process of handling various design change scenarios such as engineering change requests, working with external vendors, and more.

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                                        What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 - SOLIDWORKS Manage

                                        by Angelle Erickson on December 1, 2017
                                        SOLIDWORKS Manage 2018

                                        The SOLIDWORKS 2018 portfolio introduced many new enhancements and capabilities to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD users to help improve their business processes and minimize pitfalls during everyday workflow. Among these new features is SOLIDWORKS Manage, a tool that was announced at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

                                        If you or your organization could profit from an advanced  data management system, SOLIDWORKS Manage comes to the rescue with advanced capabilities for project management, process management, and item management along with helpful dashboards and reports for better decision making. Keep reading to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Manage and how the solution can help manage your organization.

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                                          SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 2018 - SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New Series

                                          by Angelle Erickson on November 29, 2017

                                          SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 2018Next up in our “What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018” blog series we discuss SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 2018 and the new features and enhancements that can be found in this useful technical communication tool. Whether you’re familiar with SOLIDWORKS Treehouse or haven’t discovered it yet, Treehouse for SOLIDWORKS 2018 doesn’t fail to impress.

                                          Both managers and designers can gain the benefits from using SOLIDWORKS Treehouse by having a clear hierarchical representation of an assembly to help visualize a project in the clearest way possible. Do you need communication to be clearer in your organization? Keep reading to learn more about what SOLIDWORKS 2018 has brought to the table with SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 2018.

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                                            What's New Series - SOLIDWORKS 2018 3D Interconnect

                                            by Christa Prokos on November 27, 2017

                                            What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 3D InterconnectThere are so many great new capabilities in SOLIDWORKS 2018 to cover. In this blog we highlight what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018 3D Interconnect.

                                            When 3D Interconnect was introduced in the new SOLIDWORKS release last year, users could now collaborate with customers and suppliers regardless of CAD tools.   

                                            SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect made it possible to open third-party CAD files from design tools such as Siemens NX, SolidEdge, CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo, etc. directly in SOLIDWORKS and use them the same as native SOLIDWORKS files. SOLIDWORKS 2018 3D Interconnect has even more capabilities for viewing, editing and manipulating third-party CAD files.

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                                              Introducing SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018 - What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 Series

                                              by Amanda Osbun on November 22, 2017

                                              Introducing SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018-1There are a lot of new features and enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018 that we’re excited about. This blog series will take you through the entire what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018 portfolio. In this blog, we will cover one of the most exciting new features of all, SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018.

                                              SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018 combines design and manufacturing in one application with an easy-to-use interface. The result is an intuitive rules-based system that can be leveraged to save time and money while capturing company standards.

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                                                SOLIDWORKS 2018 Series - What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018

                                                by Angelle Erickson on November 21, 2017

                                                SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018-1We bet you’re just as excited about SOLIDWORKS 2018 as we are. This blog series will walk you through the entire what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018 portfolio. We’re kicking off the first of this blog series with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018.

                                                Electrical design changes can often feel like a huge setback due to the amount of rework and tedious updates and edits commonly involved for each symbol, wire, and title block. SOLIDWORKS Electrical has addressed these pain points so that corrections can be made in a snap.

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                                                  'Tis the Season to Get Your End-of-Year SOLIDWORKS Discount

                                                  by Christa Prokos on November 20, 2017

                                                  Tis-the-Season-to-Get-Your-End-of-Year-SOLIDWORKS-Discount-1It’s the time of year for holiday sales and new year’s resolutions. Whether SOLIDWORKS CAD is on your shopping list or part of your new year’s resolution, now is the time to get the SOLIDWORKS tools you need and jump start a productive new year — all at a significant discount.

                                                  Take advantage of these end-of-year SOLIDWORKS promotions and save on SOLIDWORKS CAD licenses and SOLIDWORKS add-on products. You have until December 31, 2017 to get your discounts on SOLIDWORKS.

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                                                    Deduct Your Software and Equipment Purchases with IRS Section 179

                                                    by Stacey Clement on November 16, 2017

                                                    IRS Section 179 deductionThe end of the year is near! Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we have 35 days until Christmas. Did you know time is also running out to take advantage of the IRS Section 179 and receive your equipment or software by the end of the year? Now is the time to buy the tools your business needs for a jump start on the new year.

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                                                      Forgotten SOLIDWORKS Tools and Reasons to Use Them

                                                      by Jay-Shan Jackson on November 15, 2017

                                                      Within SOLIDWORKS, there are some useful tools and features that many users overlook or simply forget about during their daily grind. In this blog, I’ll be discussing one of my favorite additions to the software that is often forgotten about: SOLIDWORKS Up to Reference Patterns.

                                                      The SOLIDWORKS Up to Reference Patterns tool allow the user to create patterns that are driven by the geometry of their part. Conditions can be set for the spacing, number of instances, but references for where the instances are measured from as well as where they end. Up to Reference Patterns allow the user to create dynamic patterns that change with the size parameters of their part geometry. Keep reading to learn more about this useful tool and why you should start using it now.

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                                                        New VeroFlex 3D Printing Material Raises the Bar in Eyewear

                                                        by Angelle Erickson on November 10, 2017

                                                        New-VeroFlex-3D-Printing-Material-Raises-the-Bar-in-Eyewear-1The eyewear industry requires a high production rate in order to meet the demands of fashion trends, season changes, and the pure number of competitors currently in the marketplace. However, among those demands are the consumers who continuously search for the latest and greatest products and fashions available.

                                                        So how are eyewear companies going to meet these demands while also staying ahead of their competition?  Stratasys, the leading provider of Additive Manufacturing solutions, has the answer with their PolyJet VeroFlex 3D printing material that can drastically cut production time.

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                                                          How to Get Started with Your SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Migration

                                                          by Tom Starks on November 6, 2017

                                                          How-to-Get-Started-with-Your-SOLIDWORKS-Workgroup-PDM-MigrationIn 2015, DS SolidWorks Corporation announced that it would phase out the aged product data management tool, SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM. It had reached the limit of what it could do with its architecture, the company said, along with advice that customers will be better served by migrating to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

                                                          We knew SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM end of life was approaching and now it’s here. The release of SOLIDWORKS 2018 has brought with it the official retirement of SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM. This blog provides advice on how to get started with your migration to SOLIDWORKS PDM.

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                                                            How to use GrabCAD Print to Make a Multi-Colored Nameplate

                                                            by Dan Erickson on November 3, 2017

                                                            This is the second part in a two part blog series, where in the first post I designed a simple nameplate using SOLIDWORKS. If you haven't read it yet, you can view it here. In this blog post, I'll prepare the model for printing using GrabCAD Print, the latest 3D Print-Preparation (aka “slicing”) software from Stratasys, and print the model on a Stratasys F370 3D printer.

                                                            One of the design goals outlined in the last article is that the nameplate be attractive and easy to read. I'm happy with the overall design of the part, but I'd like it to have plenty of contrast to make the text easy to read. I can do that by printing the part in two colors. With Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, a color change requires a material change. So I'll start the print with one color, pause the build at a certain layer and switch materials, then resume the print to complete the part with the second color. I'll need to keep this in mind while orienting the part. Let’s get started.

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                                                              Meet our Experts: Matt Haywood - Senior Support Engineer

                                                              by Angelle Erickson on November 2, 2017

                                                              Meet-our-experts-matt-haywood-senior-support-engineerIf you’ve been a customer of Fisher Unitech for a while, or if you’ve ever contacted our SOLIDWORKS Customer Support team, you have probably interacted with Matt Haywood. Matt is a Senior Support Engineer based out of our office in Grand Rapids, Michigan and part of the Fisher Unitech family since 2003. After gaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Western Michigan University, Matt worked in the automotive and office furniture industries. Since then, Matt has earned several Expert, Professional, and Specialist SOLIDWORKS certifications in Mechanical Design, Simulation, Data Management, and more.

                                                              Keep reading to learn more about Matt and how his initial story at Fisher Unitech changed when he became one of the founding fathers of our SOLIDWORKS Support Group.

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                                                                Medical 3D Printing Saves Lives and Helps Surgeons Reduce Complications

                                                                by Bruce White on October 31, 2017

                                                                Medical-3D-Printing-Helps-Surgeons-Reduce-Complications-and-Save-Lives-1Medical 3D printing is well on its way to giving surgeons a way to practice before game time. For preoperative planning, it allows surgeons to see the specific anatomic problems of individual patients. In essence, medical 3D printing takes MRI scans, CAT scans, etc., which doctors often use, and turns them into 3D objects that are exact replicas of a patient’s anatomy - including their pathologies. These 3D models allow surgeons to plan and perform a preoperative surgery, with the exact instruments they will use days or weeks before the patient is on an Operating Room table.

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                                                                  Where is the SOLIDWORKS Command That Lets Me Do…

                                                                  by Paul Kutolowski on October 27, 2017

                                                                  where-is-the-command-that-lets-me-doA common lament among new SOLIDWORKS users, and especially of those coming to SOLIDWORKS from another 3D CAD platform, is “Where is the command that lets me do..." You know the action you want to perform but you can’t remember where the command icon is located to let that happen.

                                                                  SOLIDWORKS has a search tool for just such questions and coincidently it’s called “Search Commands”. In this blog, I’m going to give you a quick tip on where you can find this tool, how to use it, and how to keep it handy for further use.

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                                                                    SOLIDWORKS CAM and the CAMWorks Portfolio

                                                                    by Angelle Erickson on October 26, 2017

                                                                    SOLIDWORKS-CAM-and-the-CAMWorks-Portfolio-1SOLIDWORKS CAM is part of the SOLIDWORKS 2018 release and powered by CAMWorks, a complete CNC software for machine tools. CAMWorks and SOLIDWORKS CAM both contain powerful features that will help reduce errors, complete tasks faster, and increase productivity.

                                                                    You may be wondering how SOLIDWORKS CAM differs from CAMWorks. This blog is going to explore SOLIDWORKS CAM and dive deeper into the different features within the CAMWorks portfolio.

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                                                                      Design a custom 3D Printed Nameplate Using SOLIDWORKS

                                                                      by Dan Erickson on October 20, 2017

                                                                      Design-a-custom-3D-Printed-Nameplate-Using-SOLIDWORKS-1Fisher Unitech has 32 Stratasys 3D Printers, distributed across the showrooms of our 17 offices. To showcase them, we try to keep them running as much as possible, building sample parts and benchmarks to support our sales team, backfill production when our customers’ machines are down, and printing parts as a service. But having access to 3D printers does have its perks, and we do find the time for “government jobs” now and again.

                                                                      If you attended one of our Design to Manufacturing events and filled out a survey, you’ve already received one. I designed those “FUdgit” spinners earlier this year and we’ve been churning them out every spare chance we’ve had since then. But that’s the subject of a different blog article. Today I’ll focus on nameplates.

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                                                                        Top 10 CAD Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018

                                                                        by Ken LaVictor on October 19, 2017

                                                                        Top-10-CAD-Enhancements-in-SOLIDWORKS-2018-1SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes over two hundred new features that were developed based off of user requests. Users want a 3D CAD software that is going to help them complete designs easier and bring their products to market faster. By using SOLIDWORKS 2018 along with all the new features and enhancements, meeting demands and completing a design couldn’t be easier.

                                                                        Below, you will find the top 10 SOLIDWORKS CAD enhancements in the recent release. Check back to see more top 10 enhancements in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Product Data Management (PDM), Electrical, and more in the SOLIDWORKS portfolio.

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                                                                          What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018

                                                                          by Angelle Erickson on October 17, 2017

                                                                          Whats-new-SOLIDWORKS-2018-1The release of SOLIDWORKS 2018 is here. Every year new enhancements and features are added to the SOLIDWORKS toolset to make drawing, simulating, and designing faster and easier. Whether you’re new to SOLIDWORKS software and want to start incorporating SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD into your everyday workflow or are a seasoned pro looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest, SOLIDWORKS 2018 won’t disappoint.

                                                                          The following blog was created and provided by SOLIDWORKS and will show you enhancements for the user experience, data, inspection tools, and more.

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                                                                            Bringing Flat Files into SOLIDWORKS to Create Models (Part 2): Pictures

                                                                            by David Janicki on October 13, 2017

                                                                            This is the second part to a blog I wrote on how to bring flat files into SOLIDWORKS. In my first blog, I showed how to bring in drawings and DXF files. In this blog, I am going to show you how to bring in pictures.

                                                                            If you’re a conceptual designer, just mocking drawings up on a whiteboard or napkin sketch, you may be wondering if it is possible to bring those 2D sketches or pictures into SOLIDWORKS. With the ability to directly import and size a picture, we are able to bring in our sketch-up and move through the process of part creation. Let’s get started.

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                                                                              Meet our Experts: Dan Erickson - 3D Printing Application Engineer

                                                                              by Angelle Erickson on October 12, 2017

                                                                              Meet-our-experts-Dan-Erickson-3D-Printing-Application-EngineerMeet our expert, and member of our 3D Printing team, Dan Erickson who is based out of our Headquarters in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan. Dan started at Fisher Unitech in 2011 as a SOLIDWORKS Technical Support Engineer. After gaining more and more knowledge and interest in additive manufacturing and the power and capabilities of 3D printing, Dan joined our 3D printing team in 2015 as an Application Engineer.

                                                                              Keep reading to learn more about Dan, his role in supporting the sales and marketing teams, and his passion for transformative technology.

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                                                                                3D Printing and the Medical World

                                                                                by Lisa Hannon on October 11, 2017

                                                                                3D-Printing-and-the-Medical-World-1This week during NPR’s podcast, “BioTech Nation” host Dr. Moira Gunn and chief correspondent Dr. Daniel Kraft discussed how 3D printing is revolutionizing medicine and health today.

                                                                                Though 3D printers have been around for 30 years, the technology is now advancing exponentially, allowing users to explore new and profound possibilities for what can be imagined and created. This is especially true of the health industry. Thanks to major advancements in scanning technology and the ability to cost-effectively “blend” materials such as smart technologies or even biological cells, health is becoming not only more personalized but also democratic.

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                                                                                  Using a Data Card for State Changes in SOLIDWORKS PDM

                                                                                  by Todd Barr on October 6, 2017

                                                                                  Using-a-Data-Card-for-State-Changes-in-SOLIDWORKS-PDM-1When you have multiple SOLIDWORKS PDM users that need to make approvals or need to track tasks completed by different departments or individuals, it’s not always easily done using the Parallel option in Transitions. Using Automatic Transitions and Radio-button selections on a Data Card will allow multiple users to select when they are either completed with a task or approve a document. The last person to select approve or complete will send the document to the next State in the Workflow. Using the Data Card option you can also use the Search Tool to create Excel reports showing the status of documents, (i.e. who has approved or completed a task.)

                                                                                  In this blog, you’ll learn how to configure the Vault for tracking completed tasks.

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                                                                                    Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

                                                                                    by Stacey Clement on October 4, 2017

                                                                                    celebrating national manufacturing day-1Held on October 6, 2017, National Manufacturing Day celebrates the incredible achievements manufacturers have made to revolutionize, streamline, and challenge the modern world. And, it’s now more important than ever to pay attention.

                                                                                    Unlike the Industrial Revolutions of the past, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing how we engage with the world across all industries, and it’s happening at unprecedented speeds. Manufacturers have made huge breakthroughs in our communicative capabilities and our ability to store and access data instantly from anywhere in the world.

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                                                                                      The Power and Value of the SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard

                                                                                      by James Reeher on September 29, 2017

                                                                                      The-Power-and-Value-of-the-SOLIDWORKS-Hole-Wizard-1I am often surprised to discover how many SOLIDWORKS users are not taking advantage of the SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard and all the capabilities that it brings to the table. The SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard provides a myriad of hole options from threaded and clearance holes to pipe threads, dowel holes and slots.

                                                                                      What many people don’t realize is that by using the SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard you can automatically bring in your hole callouts into drawings, have the toolbox match the appropriate fastener size to the hole, and even have SOLIDWORKS automatically populate your holes with the correct fastener. If you do not use the Hole Wizard then you are manually performing all of these actions, which is a lot of extra design work that could be better spent on other tasks.  It’s time to work smarter, not harder.  Keep reading to learn more about the SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard.

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                                                                                        Stratasys 3D Printing Materials: FDM Thermoplastics and PolyJet Materials

                                                                                        by Lisa Hannon on September 27, 2017

                                                                                        Stratasys-3D-Printing-Materials-FDM-Thermoplastics-and-PolyJet-Materials-13D printing is a rapidly evolving industry, and with it comes a slew of new and updated products: printers, software, and 3D printing materials. Perhaps two of the most well-known 3D printing materials are Stratasys’ FDM thermoplastics and PolyJet materials, with product lines that have expanded to meet the growing needs of engineers and designers. Although this growth is useful from an application standpoint, the sheer number of available material options can be overwhelming. The choice between FDM and PolyJet materials is based largely on application needs and the type of product you hope to create.

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                                                                                          Delivery Drone Soars with SOLIDWORKS 2018 at Design to Manufacturing Events

                                                                                          by Angelle Erickson on September 26, 2017

                                                                                          Delivery-Drone-Soars-with-SOLIDWORKS-2018-at-Design-to-Manufacturing-Events-1What do SOLIDWORKS 2018, an RV manufacturer, and a delivery drone have in common? The Fisher Unitech SOLIDWORKS 2018 launch events! The theme of our events this year is Design to Manufacturing. We are so excited about SOLIDWORKS 2018. Using the new software along with additive manufacturing technologies in our portfolio, we have developed an end-to-end story using these technologies that we’ll share with you during the events.

                                                                                          So plan to join us at a Design to Manufacturing event in a city near you. We’ll show you product demonstrations and real world examples of how you can apply SOLIDWORKS 2018 and additive manufacturing to your business to increase productivity, accelerate innovation, and get your great designs created. Keep reading to learn more about the events, how to find one near you, and a preview of our delivery drone.

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                                                                                            Bringing flat files into SOLIDWORKS to create Models: Drawings and DXF Files

                                                                                            by David Janicki on September 22, 2017

                                                                                            In the current state of CAD affairs, everyone is either using or has heard of 3D CAD. But for users who have been using a 2D system for many years and have an exorbitant amount of data, making the switch isn’t always as easy as deciding to.

                                                                                            Inside of SOLIDWORKS, there are a multitude of tools to help you take and convert your old 2D drawings, and begin to create 3D parametric models with them. In this blog, I’m going to take you through those steps to ensure none of your data gets left behind in this smooth and easy process.

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                                                                                              Meet our Experts: Cami L. Florence - Technical Support Manager

                                                                                              by Angelle Erickson on September 21, 2017

                                                                                              Meet-our-experts-Cami-Florence-technical-support-manager-1Today on our Meet our Experts series we’re featuring Cami L. Florence. Cami has been with Fisher Unitech for over 10 years and is a Technical Support Manager based out of our office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, Cami specializes in weldments, sheet metal, and surfacing and has over 20 years experience with SOLIDWORKS, design, pre-sales, support, and training.

                                                                                              If you’ve been to the well-known conference SOLIDWORKS World, you may have seen Cami present. She has an extraordinary knowledge- base and has created informative presentations to help with other users’ success. Keep reading to learn more about Cami and the pride she takes in providing the best customer experience.

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                                                                                                Office 3D Printing, Do You Have A Strategy?

                                                                                                by Jason Bassi on September 20, 2017

                                                                                                Office-3D-Printing-Do-You-Have-A-Strategy-1In this blog, I’ll take you through several thoughts to consider and why standardizing 3D printers in your business may not be such a bad idea.

                                                                                                I recently have been noticing a trend in many companies that utilize 3D printing and it begs the question, should companies be thinking about standardizing their 3D printing? Companies do this with software, supplies and capital equipment, but yet I often see no real buying strategy for 3D printers. This is not just a small company or large company observation, but it ranges from companies who have a handful of people who need to access a 3D printer to large corporations who utilize 3D printing across many locations.

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                                                                                                  2017 FIRST Robotics Competition: The Dundee Vi-Borgs

                                                                                                  by Ethan Harper on September 18, 2017

                                                                                                  2017-FIRST-Robotics-Competition-The-Dundee-Viborgs-1FIRST Robotics is an organization that encourages students from elementary through high school to further involve themselves in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, otherwise known as the common acronyms STEM or STEAM.

                                                                                                  The 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition has been the best season yet for team 4395, The Dundee Vi-Borgs based out of Dundee, Michigan. Incorporating plenty of cooperation, hard work, the right technology, and good spirits has all lead to a very successful year.

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                                                                                                    Removing Padlocks in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Area

                                                                                                    by Toby Schnaars on September 15, 2017

                                                                                                    One of the most useful resources available to subscription service customers is the ability to access the SOLIDWORKS customer portal. From this section of SOLIDWORKS, users may access the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, grab a copy of the full download of SOLIDWORKS, examine the API support, and get some great tips and tricks from the SOLIDWORKS community.

                                                                                                    However, when first creating a SOLIDWORKS customer portal account, users may find themselves in a situation where many of these terrific resources are “padlocked” and the user is unable to access these sections of the customer portal. In this blog, we will explore how to properly register your software and remove these padlocks.

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                                                                                                      Come Experience SOLIDWORKS 2018 and Additive Manufacturing

                                                                                                      by Angelle Erickson on September 14, 2017

                                                                                                      Come-Experience-SOLIDWORKS-2018-and-Additive-ManufacturingThe time is coming right up to experience what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2018 and the latest in additive manufacturing technologies at one of our Design to Manufacturing Events. We’re heading to several locations throughout the Midwest, New England, and Mid-Atlantic. Join us so you can engage with experts, learn what’s new, and see in person what enhancements will help you keep up with the latest technology and software to benefit you and your business.

                                                                                                      Keep reading to find out how you can get involved, what’s on the agenda, and where we’re headed.

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