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    Industrial Magnetics Drawn to DriveWorks to Enhance Automation Journey with SOLIDWORKS

    Christa Prokos by Christa Prokos on April 16, 2019

    DriveWorks Industrial MagneticsHeadquartered in Boyne City, Michigan, Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) is a leading provider of permanent magnets and electromagnets for work holding, lifting, fixturing, conveying and magnetic separation. The company specializes in providing personalized service, innovative solutions, and custom fabrication — designing, engineering and manufacturing industrial-grade magnetic products to meet customers’ specific requirements.

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      Getting Started as a PDM User: What is PDM?

      Lindsay Early by Lindsay Early on April 15, 2019

      what is pdmWhat is PDM? PDM stands for Product Data Management and is essentially an add-on for Windows that allows companies to better manage their data and collaborate more effectively. Some of the benefits of Product Data Management is that it keeps a full history of every file, allows only one user to edit a file at a time, file security, comprehensive search and research tools, and lets everyone work locally (no more working from shared drives).

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        How to Create a Plane in SOLIDWORKS

        Sean O'Neill by Sean O'Neill on April 9, 2019

        How to create a plane in solidworks When speaking to beginner SOLIDWORKS users, I always recommend taking a course like SOLIDWORKS Essentials in order to get started on the right track with their SOLIDWORKS-using experience. On the topic of planes: the word “plane” is used 337 times in the 2019 edition of the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course booklet. That’s a lot.

        In this article, I’ll discuss when/why you’d look to make new reference planes for your SOLIDWORKS geometry, as well as several methods of making them. Let’s get started.

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          New Announcements from Stratasys: F120, V650 SLA Flex, and Pantone Colors

          Gerald Matarazzo by Gerald Matarazzo on April 4, 2019

          Stratasys F120On April 1st, 2019, Stratasys announced some exciting new products to their additive manufacturing solutions portfolio. These new products include the F120 3D printer, which is an addition to their F123 Series line, the V650 SLA printer, and Pantone color capabilities for PolyJet which can be utilized on the J750 and J735 production 3D printers. Keep reading for a deeper look into these new innovations from Stratasys.

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            What Can You Make with a 3D Printer?

            Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on April 4, 2019

            what can you make with a 3D printer? 3D printing has radically changed the way companies have done business, from 3D printing in the medical field to 3D printed airplane parts, but it’s no longer limited to big spenders. The availability of desktop 3D printers and designs has made it easier and more affordable for hobbyists to try 3D printing at home, and there is a wide range of personalized pieces you can make to sell or use yourself. Here are just four of the project categories you can explore with a 3D printer.

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              Distributing SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In Settings

              Todd Barr by Todd Barr on April 2, 2019

              SOLIDWORKS PDM add-inWhen working in SOLIDWORKS PDM, it may be desirable to have all of your users working with the same client settings. Having the same client settings can enable better collaboration by having all PDM users see the same columns, icons, variable information, etc. Note: If there is a setting outside of what is described below, this is probably a setting controlled via the PDM Admin Tool and you will need to have your PDM Admin adjust these. Let’s take a look.

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                Drawing a Line in SOLIDWORKS: Click-Click vs. Click-Drag

                Laura Nickerson by Laura Nickerson on March 28, 2019

                solidworks tutorialIn this quick SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks blog, we’re going to take a look at how we draw our lines, the most fundamental shape in SOLIDWORKS. There are two techniques to draw a line: Click-Click and Click-Drag. I’m going to show you the differences between these two methods and how they may save you time, additional clicks, features in your tree, or hair on your head. Let’s get started.

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                  Push it Real Good: SOLIDWORKS Animations to SOLIDWORKS Visualize

                  David Janicki by David Janicki on March 19, 2019

                  solidworks visualize Inside of SOLIDWORKS, there are some stellar tools to get you started down the road of photorealistic animations and the ability to push those animations over to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

                  For those new to Visualize, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional takes the photorealistic rendering of Standard and enhances it in many forms. The one critical to pushing animations from SOLIDWORKS CAD to Visualize is the mere ability to create animations for your models, cameras, appearances, and more.

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                    How to Make a Cube in SOLIDWORKS

                    Sean O'Neill by Sean O'Neill on March 18, 2019

                    how to make a cube in solidworks blogAh, the cube. It’s such a fundamental geometric shape that SOLIDWORKS decided to incorporate it as part of its own logo. It might not be the most exciting shape to create, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? And besides, it doesn’t have to be boring, right? ‘Right’ - on both counts! In this blog post, we’ll go through the most straightforward way of making a cube in SOLIDWORKS. Then, I’ll show you some other ways to make and manipulate cubes. One or two of these ways might seem silly, and that’s OK. The goal is to expose you to different ways of doing the same thing, in an ultimate effort to expand your SOLIDWORKS toolkit. Let’s get started. 

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                      Maxed Out? Declutter Your Configurations and Equations with DriveWorks Solo

                      Aaron Winthers by Aaron Winthers on March 14, 2019

                      driveworks soloAs a SOLIDWORKS user, you likely appreciate how easy it is to create parts and assemblies. But what if you want to make that process even easier? Maybe you’ve noticed that your assembly was pretty much the same, but still a little different, and started to leverage the use of Configurations.

                      “Amazing! Now all I have to do is create a configuration of the same assembly and configure its components, dimensions, and features as I like!” Presto! No new assembly needed. Combine this with a design table and you can create configurations of various shapes and sizes faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100-meter dash. But what do you do if what started out as a tremendous help started to become a burden?

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                        Effective Usage of the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Version Upgrade Tool

                        Lindsay Early by Lindsay Early on March 13, 2019

                        Upgrade ToolSo you’ve recently upgraded to SOLIDWORKS PDM but now all of your assemblies are taking forever to open. Why? Isn’t a new version supposed to be better and faster? Well, you’ve upgraded the software version, but not the SOLIDWORKS files. Every time you open models in SOLIDWORKS they will need to be converted to the newest version. This can be especially frustrating if they’re released files, so you can’t just check them out, update, and check them back in. Now every time you open the same file, it’s upgrading and therefore taking much longer.  Fear not! There is a solution called the File Version Upgrade tool. It is important to plan and run the tool responsibly. That’s where this blog comes in. Let’s get started.

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                          Take Control of Your SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses Using Options Files

                          Heather Dawe by Heather Dawe on March 11, 2019

                          SOLIDWORKS Network LicensesSOLIDWORKS Network Licenses allow companies to let users share licenses between each other to make better use of the licenses that they own. But sometimes, it can feel a bit like you’re playing tug-of-war.   

                          Let me introduce you to the SOLIDWORKS Network License options file. Options files allow you to control who can get what licenses and for how long. This allows organizations to ensure licenses are available to the users who need them and the end of the tug-of-war game for your licenses.

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                            Fisher Unitech Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019 #BalancedforBetter

                            Angelle Erickson by Angelle Erickson on March 8, 2019

                            International Women's Day 2019For over 100 years, March 8th has been recognized as International Women's Day; a day to celebrate the social, cultural, political, and economic achievements of women. No single organization is credited to establishing this tradition, so any institution, party, or person can observe International Women’s Day however they see fit. At Fisher Unitech, we would like to celebrate a few of our women engineers and executives who have helped balance out their male-dominant roles.

                            It may not surprise you that women are often underrepresented in the engineering field, but actually, the number of women going into STEM fields has been on the rise thanks to organizations like Association for Women in Science and the Women in Engineering Proactive Network, who have made it their mission to ”transform culture in engineering education to attract, retain, and graduate women.” This is why today, women are able to advance in fields they’re interested in and flourish in their roles.

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                              Nano Dimension and the Power of PCB 3D Printing

                              Lisa Hannon by Lisa Hannon on March 6, 2019

                              nano dimension closeupIn the time of industry 4.0, remaining innovative and evolving quickly is key to manufacturing success, especially when it comes to electronics. Yet manufacturers creating PCBs and other electronic components are often held back by outsourced designs that can delay the design cycle by weeks or even months.

                              To address this issue, companies like Nano Dimension have worked to adopt 3D printing to fit the unique needs of electronics development. Through revolutionary new hardware and materials, electronics designers and manufacturers can now leverage the power of additive manufacturing with PCB 3D printing. Here’s what you need to know.

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                                SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Recap: Where Possibility Takes Form

                                Angelle Erickson by Angelle Erickson on March 5, 2019

                                solidworks world 2019 recapSOLIDWORKS World 2019 kicked off in Dallas, Texas on February 10th to thousands of people from around the world waiting to hear from keynote speakers, attend technical training sessions, and to network with fellow CAD users. In case you weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap of all three general sessions. Let’s take a look.

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