Altair Inspire Cast
Altair Inspire Cast

Altair Inspire Cast (formerly Click2Cast) software is a user friendly casting simulation environment focused on creating high quality components with increased profitability. Altair Inspire Cast is ideal for beginners and experts from product designers to foundry engineers. Users are able to visualize casting defects such as air entrapment, cold shuts, shrinkage porosity, and mold degradation during early design phases and avoid costly downstream corrections. Guided process templates offer five simple stepes to simulate Gravity Die, Gravity Sand, Investment, High Pressure, Low Pressure Die Casting, and Tilt Pouring. With these innovations, users are are able to increase prodcut quality and design better produicts with minimal training.


    Altair Inspire Cast Features:

    Ease of Use with 5 Simple Steps
    In one, user-friendly environment and interface, Altair Inspire users can simulate, run analysis, optimize, and cast final part.

    Variety of Casting Templates to Simulate
    Altair Inspire Cast lets you choose from a number of casting templates to simulate high and low pressure die casting, gravity sand, and investment casting.

    Optimize Ingate Design and Position
    Altair Inspire Cast allows quick and simple ingate simulation. All you need to do is select the size and position and Altair Inspire Cast will auto-generate the ingate.

    Validate Full Casting Designs
    With Altair Inspire Cast, users can validate full casting designs such as cavities, runners, and overflows.

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