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Bryant Goudelock by Bryant Goudelock on February 15, 2018
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The automotive industry in the United States has seen many changes in production since its early beginnings in the late 1800’s. From Henry Ford’s Model T to the Big Three, factory floors have adapted to developments in production. In the beginning, designers and engineers used mockup drawings and general prototyping to demonstrate their ideas, but for the last two decades, the automotive industry has grown even more. With the use of an additive manufacturing and 3D printing solution, automotive manufacturers can create functional models, jigs, fixtures, and assembly aides along with other manufacturing tools to improve time to market.

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From design studio to factory floor, additive manufacturing is cutting development and manufacturing time to market in the automotive supply chain. Suppliers utilize 3D printing solutions in their operations for jigs and fixtures, robotics tools, injection molds, gages, vacuum forming, and more.

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Learn how Siemens customizes production with 3D printing enabling them to extend customer service offerings and streamline their supply chain.


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FDM Siemens Case Study

FDM Automotive Research

Adoption of additive manufacturing within the automotive industry is evolving from prototyping to tooling.

This white paper explores the possibilities of additive manufacturing. Read the white paper to learn:

  • How the auto industry has applied this technology
  • Where its possibilities lie
  • Which tooling application offers significant potential
  • How the cost savings add up

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