Customer Testimonials

Below are just a few examples of positive feedback received from Fisher Unitech clients. Posted with permission.


"....Just wanted to give you some feedback on my meeting with John [Kurtz] yesterday.  I felt the meeting was very productive and John was able to give excellent insight and tips that I think will help our design practices in the near future.  I was really impressed with his thoroughness and knowledge of the software and hope to have him out to Diamond again sometime in the future to help with other projects/solutions."

Sean Andrew, Engineering Supervisor
Diamond Racing Products



[at No Engineer Left Behind training] I had a great time. You made the subject interesting and informative. I would highly recommend the class, the software and you.  I can't remember the last time learning CAD software was as enjoyable.  Thank you and FISHER UNITECH for providing this for those of us that have been laid off. It shows a real commitment to the community.

Thanks Again,
Tom Standish

gumbopd(from an email sent to our Regional Manager in West Michigan, Tom Miller)Tom,...when I have trouble [with SolidWorks] the Tech Support guys are awesome.  Matt Haywood, of course, is my favorite to deal with.  He is extremely knowledgeable and can communicate his knowledge very well over the phone.  I also appreciate Esteban, who I am working with right now.  He is a quick response and can solve most issues in one response via email.Matt and Esteban are key to the success of SolidWorks in my business and I thought I should take the time to let you know how valuable they are to me.Ren Tubergen, Ph.D, P.E., Principal
Gumbo Product Development, Inc.

(from an email sent to our Illinois/Wisconsin Regional Manager, Rodger Reaume)Rodger,I just want to let you know I had been having problems with SolidWorks 2008 recently and everyone involved in solving my problem, Howard Weinberg, Kris Klika and Scott Slovik, responded quickly, decisively and with a positive attitude.  You know from our earlier discussions that I set the bar for what I expect from a value added reseller very high and the response I received from this team met my every expectation.  Please give them my thanks and let them know that their efforts on my behalf are appreciated.Steve Kaminski, Manager Design Operations
RTC Industries

"I wanted to thank you for the training provided....your insight into the operation of COSMOS and the quality of training has left me feeling confident in the use of the system and the results I am obtaining."

Craig Cavanaugh, CAD Manager
Tuthill Transfer Systems

"Through the years I've received instruction for AutoCAD, ComputerVision, Unigraphics and SDRC-IDEAS.  In all those instances the class time was a period of aggravation and frustration while recognizing very little learning.  However, none of this occurred with my SolidWorks learning experience at FISHER UNITECH.  My instructor Bill Halls' thorough knowledge of the product coupled with his ability to present it in an easy to comprehend manner allowed me to feel confident and comfortable with this new system right from the start.  I feel that the cost of the class was money well spent.  The FISHER UNITECH team treated me very well and I would not hesitate to recommend them or take additional instruction in the more advanced classes in the future."

Randy Brown





"I just thought I would take a moment and give you some feedback on my recent experience at your facility in Troy, Michigan. Solid Insight had done such a great job of spoiling me with personal attention in the past, I was not sure if I would get the same level of service from a larger organization. Upon visiting your facility recently, I was pleasantly surprised and would like to share some of my experience with you.

I was in town for three days of training the last week of March and while in town I had the privilege of meeting a number of people in your organization. From the cheerful greeting I received from your receptionist to Rich Nobliski, Jon Benavides, Suzanne Wolgast, and Charlie Hess, all were friendly, dedicated and extremely professional.

I had the pleasure of going through your SW API Fundamentals course. The instructor is quite versed in the VB programming language and the SW API's as well, and in my opinion did a great job of teaching the material which by nature cannot be easy to teach. Suzanne was kind enough to treat me to lunch which provided a good opportunity to discuss some of ATW's history with SolidWorks as well as other "less desirable" CAD programs. FISHER UNITECH is in a very good position to service ATW's current CAD needs as well as all of our foreseeable future needs. With all of the great successes we have had working with Solid Insight locally, the recent merger with FISHER UNITECH has put the icing on the cake.

Please extend my gratitude to your fine staff and thank you for your services."

Mark B. Price, CAD Manager, CSWP
Assembly & Test Worldwide (ATW)


(From a letter addressed to John McEleney, SolidWorks CEO)

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with the support I have received from our reseller, FISHER UNITECH. All my questions have been answered within a very short period of time, and all of the support technicians have been very knowledgeable and precise with their answers. This is the best support team I have ever dealt with and they deserve a pat on the back. Thanks again."

Russ Cranston, Product Engineer
Craig Assembly




"Exceeding customer expectations is the hallmark of our company. With FISHER UNITECH, SolidWorks and the Dimension 3D Printer, we've been able to shorten delivery times, help customers with their design verifications and get products to market faster."

Fred Wise, President
Wise Plastics