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3D printing is not only a time-tested manufacturing option that can reduce cost and save time, but it’s also an opportunity for bringing greater innovations to your team. How can 3D printing ease the pain points of your current product development cycle? Our blog details how 3D printing can help your organization boost business.

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What type of 3D printing technology do you need? Understand the difference between Polyjet and Fused Deposition Modeling before choosing the solution to your application’s needs. Our white paper details all the differences between the two Stratasys 3D printing technologies and how manufacturers are determining which technology is the perfect fit.

FDM vs PolyJet

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The future of 3D printing isn’t just about making products differently, but finding ways to print parts better and more cost effective. Stratasys is committed to being the leader in 3D printing innovation and are working on new advancements to continue their quest in growing additive manufacturing technologies.

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Get answers to the questions you have about 3D printers. Talk with us about your product development strategies and we'll help you understand the best options for your needs.

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Did you know the Section 179 tax deduction allows businesses who have spent a dollar amount on manufacturing hardware a tax deduction? If your business buys or leases a 3D printer in 2017 you can deduct the full purchase price from your gross income (up to $500k).

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