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Rapid prototyping with 3D printing is the quick, easy, and cost effective way to turn your great ideas into successful products. Stratasys solutions offer the flexibility you need to create, test, and refine in ways never thought possible to get your product to market faster.

Learn What 3D Printing Solution Fits Your Application Needs

Choosing the right 3D printing solution starts here. No matter what sparked your interest in professional 3D printing, this guide can be your starting point. Fisher Unitech will help you ask the right questions while offering enough information about each technology and material to set you on the right path.


Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions Guide

Are you a part of an engineering team that needs to bring products to market faster? Are you a product designer striving for greater innovation or customization? No matter what sparked your interest in professional 3D printing, this guide will be your source of answers to questions such as:

  • What technologies does Fisher Unitech offer (through Stratasys offerings)?
  • What are the material differences from standard to engineering grade as well as photopolymers?
  • What is the ultimate operational goal?
  • What is the total cost of owning a 3D printing solution?

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Facts about Manufacturing

By 3D printing manufacturing tools, organizations gain the agility to embrace customization, respond quickly to market changes, and shrink the cost and risk associated with traditional tool production.


Implementing a 3D printing solution into your workspace can help you achieve 3 major manufacturing strategies:

  • Deliver just in time
  • Reduce tooling costs & risks
  • Eliminate design constraints


Find the Best 3D Printer

Choose from professional systems that come in all shapes and sizes. From the individual designer through product development collaboration to the manufacturing department, Fisher Unitech offers both FDM and PolyJet 3D printers for everyone.

Browse our 3D printing page for the model that fits your needs.

3D-printer Desktop (Mojo & uPrint SE Plus)
Shared-Office Shared Office (Objet30, Connex1, Objet Eden & F123 Series)
Production-Printer Production (Fortus, Connex3, J750, Objet1000)
Dental-Printer Dental (Orthodesk, Dental Prime, Dental Advantage, Dental Selection & J700)


Comparing Two Rapid Prototyping Alternatives

In the product development phase, there are many process options for creating models, prototypes, patterns or molds. Selecting the best approach requires an appreciation for the project requirements, an understanding of the process considerations, and an evaluation of the resulting time, cost and quality. Without this information, it is difficult to identify the optimal approach.

This eBook focuses on how rapid prototyping can support your product development cycle.

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