SOLIDWORKS Electrical brings your design teams together

It’s important for your design process to flow smoothly between your mechanical and electrical engineers. With the help of SOLIDWORKS Electrical and its intuitive tools and features, collaboration within the design process couldn’t be made easier. Fill out this form and our experts will help get you started.

If collaboration between electrical and mechanical design teams is a struggle in your organization, SOLIDWORKS Electrical has you covered. With its vast library of tools and features, working as a team has never been easier. Learn how both sides of the design process come together with SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

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Are limitations with your current electrical design process creating more challenges? This white paper delivers data on how to enrich your design experience using SOLIDWORKS Electrical, a software that increases productivity and improves quality for both mechanical and electrical design teams.

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Having a design system that simplifies tedious tasks can help reduce errors and increase productivity during the development process. Watch this video to see what SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 will offer to your team to improve your workflows and solve your design challenges.